Jo Convisser Korngut ’64 recently let the Alumnae Office know where she has been all these years—in France since 1972! “It wasn’t really planned,” Jo wrote in a e-mail. “I came here to visit some friends and then never left.” In her years in France, Jo said, she has taught English to adults in business; worked in the wine trade, and served on a project team in international telecommunications. She is married and has a son. Jo fondly recalls Spanish class at A.O.L., followed by French study at Loyola University, where she graduated with a degree in sociology. Once in France, she realized she needed more language study. She enrolled in a 9-month, “semi-intense” course that “laid the groundwork for everything that followed. I could probably write a book about all of my adventures here, and when something unusual happens, I tend to say it will be a chapter in this still unwritten saga.”