Jo Convisser Korngut ’64 recently let the Alumnae Office know where she has been all these years—in France since 1972! “It wasn’t really planned,” Jo wrote in a e-mail. “I came here to visit some friends and then never left.” In her years in France, Jo said, she has taught English to adults in business; worked in the wine trade, and served on a project team in international telecommunications. She is married and has a son. Jo fondly recalls Spanish class at A.O.L., followed by French study at Loyola University, where she graduated with a degree in sociology. Once in France, she realized she needed more language study. She enrolled in a 9-month, “semi-intense” course that “laid the groundwork for everything that followed. I could probably write a book about all of my adventures here, and when something unusual happens, I tend to say it will be a chapter in this still unwritten saga.”

Posted: July 1, 2011

Dianne Marie Hervey wrote from her home near Boston to say that although she has most recently worked in the business world, she also sings and plays guitar in coffeehouses and in concerts occasionally. She said: “I prefer to sing my own compositions, which are all based on Bible Scripture and my experiences of the love of the Lord in my life.” At a memorial Mass in May 2009 for her late mother, Gwendolyn Hervey Lawson, Dianne Marie sang a song she had composed in her mother’s honor.

Posted: July 6, 2010