Stuchly, Mary Elizabeth

Lawson, Patricia (Patty), sister of Cynthia Lawson Mills ’67 and Janet Lawson ’72

Stephenson, Joan Ehret, twin of Jane Ehret Goldthwaite ’49 and sister of the late Noanette Ehret Byrnes ’45

Byerwalter, Mary Reardon

Ertle, Virginia Mary Gleason

Dolores Petrie, mother of Renee K. Moore ’74

 Fall, Betty Caruso

Kaye Mullaney Strom, sister of the late Diane Mullaney Ralph ’61 and sister-in-law of Janet Guminski Mullaney ’54

Sullivan, Cornelia “Connie” Kenny, former AOL student council president

Cale, Kathryn Rotenberk

Cox-Shanahan, Marguerite (Peg) Fitzpatrick

Baker, Mary Jane Spurck, sister of Monica Spurck Woolard ’73

Patterson, Marcia DeCrable

Reid, Elizabeth A. (Bette)

Maurello, Madeleine LoCrasto,sister of Rose LoCrasto Kessen  ’48

Hayes, Janet Wilbur, sister of Helen Wilbur Fioresi ’69

Merwick, Jean Meldrum, sister of the late Florence Meldrum Yandel ’53.

Smith, Wendy

Gooden, Helen, mother of Dawn Jackson Chubb ’78

Dwyer, Mary Ann Nevell, sister of Jeanne Nevell Valenti ’64 and Colette Nevell Lattyak ’71
Baker, Therese Haggerty

Julien, Judith Marie Burke

O’Connell, Eleanor Robinson

Loreth, Carol L., sister of Barbara Loreth ’45

Duffy, Marie Lonier, sister of the late Rose Anne Duffy Preston ’46

Manhattan, Joan Allen

Cooper, Helen Cronin

Pusateri, Suzanne Justin, sister of Judy M. Justin ’57

Milord, Maureen E. McCambridge

Hession, Joan Cliff, sister of Susan Cliff Ryan ’57

McGloin, Dr. Mary T. Stanczak

Lawson, Sharon Brown, sister of the late Donna Brown Harris ’72 and the late Elaine Brown ’78. Sharon was a longtime Alumnae Board member, and she served on the “Miracle on 95th Street” fundraiser committee in 1997.

Blount, Annie, mother of Sharon Blount ’79 and Shirley Blount ’86

Blecka, Margaret “Peggy” Hornyak, sister of Mary Kay Hornyak Hefty ’60 and Juleann Hornyak Randles ’66

Neis, Ethelreda Carey, sister of the late Bernice Carey Foy ’41 and the late Lorraine Carey ’48; aunt of Mary Ellen Foy Brabec ’71

Doody, Larry, husband of Carolyn Hamer Doody ’61; brother-in-law of Barbara Hamer Pinn ’58 and  Elizabeth Hamer O’Connor ’67;  son-in-law of the late Betty Schevers Hamer ’34

Dolores June Radtke, mother-in-law of Joan Bernhardt Radtke ’67

Tobin, Edmund, husband of Kathleen Dreyer Tobin ’48; father of Mary Elizabeth (Liz) Tobin Haas ’72 and Margaret A. Tobin Berquist ’76; brother of the late Teresa Tobin Buckley ’48; brother-in-law of Elizabeth Dreyer Bennett ’63

Noonan, Mary Jo Naponiello, sister of Lucille Naponiello Alagna ’47

Thomas, Monica Lally, sister of Adrienne Lally Rizzo ’72

Boyd, Gladys Differding, sister-in-law of Claire Cushing Differding ’41

Collins, Jean Mussey, sister of Mary Lou Collins Lovell ’57, Carolyn Mussey Mueller ’65 and Georgeann Mussey Anderson ’74

Talso, Cassandra, sister of Jennifer Talso Alexis ’63

Cavanaugh, Patricia, sister of the late Sheila Cavanaugh Ryan ’51

Lyons, Maureen

Leeney, Jeanne Keegan

Joyce, Rosemary Rataj

Calderini, Patricia O’Brien

Simutis, Eva Hartrich

Lewis, Mary Daly, sister of Sharon Daly ’68

Runstrom, Kathleen Schneider,  sister of Margaret (Peg) Schneider ’56, Barbara Schneider Tivnan ’57 and Mary Schneider ’61. 

O’Brien, Terrence, brother of Karen O’Brien Dorman ’69

Hardy, Genevieve Woulfe, mother of Christine Hardy (Timothy Cornillie) ’71

Fahey, Mary Jayne Maloney, stepmother of Maureen Fahey Davis ’56

Zorich-Lipa, Linda, sister of Lauren Zorich Rosenberg ’68

Johnson, David, husband of Bonnye Austin Johnson ’72. Mr. Johnson served  from 1983 to 1995 as the first African-American mayor of Harvey, IL. A college-level educator for many years, he also was a South Suburban newspaper columnist and a consultant to area municipalities at different times.

Brown, Evelyn, mother of Sharon Brown Lawson ’67, the late Donna Brown Harris ’72 and the late Elaine Brown ’78

Roach, Patricia Lorrigan

Hartnett, Margaret (Peggy) Sullivan, sister of Virginia Sullivan Kummerer ’49 and Maureen Sullivan Sheehy  ’58.

Payne, Joyce, mother of Joy Payne ’97, an AOL Alumnae Board member

Driehaus, Richard, brother of Dorothy Driehaus Mellin ’61 and Elizabeth Driehaus ’64. The renowned self-made businessman and philanthropist was a graduate of St. Margaret of Scotland School. The School Sisters of Notre Dame gratefully recall his donation of a million dollars to the order in the 1990s. 

Jones, Sharon Keffer

Cahill, Sharon E. Blanz

Quinn, Beverly Amann, sister of the late Joan Amann Schell ’52

Sister Mary John (Geraldine) Zielinski, SSND
December 13, 1929 – November 29, 2020

Geraldine Zielinski and her twin brother were born in Chicago on December 13, 1929. She was the daughter of Julius Zielinski and Sophia Firling Zielinski, both Chicagoans. She had five brothers and three sisters. She was baptized three days after her birth, at St. Stanislaus Kostka Church, the Polish “mother church” of Chicago.


In her autobiography, Sister Mary John wrote, “My mother and father were faithful to their religion and taught us to be likewise. Because my parents were of Polish descent, we said our prayers in Polish.” Sadly, her father died when she was only eleven years old, but her mother “was faithful in seeing that we went to the sacraments weekly. I thank God for giving a mother to me who saw to our welfare spiritually as well as physically.”


Geraldine entered the School Sisters of Notre Dame at the Milwaukee Motherhouse in 1949. She was received on July 17, 1951, receiving the name Sister Mary John. She was professed on July 18, 1952, and took her final vows on the same date, six years later. She had come to the community with a “feel” for tools, having worked in a Chicago hardware store, and “when she decided to accept a religious life, she set only one condition—that she be permitted to bring her carpentry tools with her when she took the veil.”


From the year of her first profession in 1952 until her retirement in 2003, Sister Mary John was always available when needed. Her first five years of service were in the Milwaukee Motherhouse printing room. Next, she served a year as cook and refectorian at St. Mary in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. When the Milwaukee motherhouse moved to Notre Dame of the Lake in Mequon, Wisconsin in 1958, Sister Mary John was there, as engineer for Notre Dame of the Lake from 1958-1982 and continued on when the buildings were sold to Concordia College for another year.


In the Spring 1965 issue of the “School Sister” magazine, Sister Mary John was featured in the article “Our Johnny-on-the-Spot,” by Sister Mary Blaise. By then, Sister Mary John had become a licensed engineer and headed a crew of four men, also engineers. “Together they man the eight-hour shifts, and manage the sprawling plant that includes not only heating and an independent water and sewage system, but extensive refrigeration units, a closed circuit telephone and public address system, and countless electrical and plumbing appliances that must be kept in working order.”


Sister Mary John was famous in the Mequon motherhouse for being always on-call, always ready to help with any need, large or small. As Sister Mary Blaise wrote, “If she is out on a job, the public address system calls her and –funny thing!—even when it says Sister Mary John! Urgent!” no one gets very alarmed. The house feels secure. Everyone seems to take for granted that all things will be restored to order by Sister’s quiet and unassuming competence, even if she has to design a repair part to do the job.”


How did she do it? She knew how to economize on time, and solved the problem presented by distances on the 120-acre campus by riding a bicycle through the basement tunnels or driving a jeep around the grounds. For thirteen of the twenty-three years she served at Notre Dame of the Lake, Mequon, she was assisted by Sister Judith Schuck; both were licensed high pressure boiler operators and continually updated their knowledge, especially in energy conservation, by attending workshops and seminars.


In 1984, Sister Mary John moved to the Academy of Our Lady in Chicago, where she served as maintenance supervisor and consultant for the entire plant there. When the school was sold to the International Charter School—Longwood Campus in 1999, she continued on their staff until she retired in 2003. In 2005, she moved to Marian Village in Homer Glen, Illinois, and in 2008 to Resurrection Life Center, in Chicago, where she resided until her death on November 29, 2020.


Upon notification of her death, many Sisters and former Sisters had many memories to share of her kind and faithful service, wherever she was. One story that was recalled was an experience in which a muskrat escaped from the pond at Mequon and entered the priests’ quarters. She was urgently paged yet again and found the two men standing on tables in their library. She had brought along her BB gun, and quickly dispatched the muskrat.


Sister Carol Brunner, advocate for our Sisters at Resurrection Life Center, cared for Sister Mary John for the twelve years she resided there. She recalled her fond memory of looking out of the Novitiate window at Mequon and seeing Sister Mary John, Sister Judith and their dog Sparky in the open garage. As Carol put it, “I think Mary John, in her humble manner, influenced and touched more SSNDs in the former Milwaukee and former Chicago Provinces than anyone else!”


Sister Mary John is survived by many nieces and nephews and remembered fondly by the many Sisters who shared life with her at Mequon and at the Academy of Our Lady, especially.


The burial service for Sister Mary John Zielinski was held on Saturday, December 5 at 10:30 am at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Alsip, IL. Due to the State of Illinois COVID protocols, only 10 people were able to attend the service. Others who wished to unite in prayer with those gathered at the
cemetery, were invited to use the service in the Let us Pray section of our province intranet.


There will be a Memorial Mass for Mary John at a later date. May she rest in peace.

By Sister Charlaine Fill, SSND

Pallardy, Marilyn Groble, sister of Therese Monaghan ’44, the late Annemarie Groble Kerrins ’37, the late Helen Groble Bliss ’39, the late Virginia Groble Mulholland ’39,  and the late Marguerite Groble Gagen ’41

O’Gorman, Monica Ford, mother of Eileen O’Gorman Sobotka ’69, Kathleen O’Gorman Altman ’71 and Madelyn O’Gorman Ryan ’72 

Gallegos, Don, husband of Joan Mutter Gallegos ’72

Dempsey, George F., husband of the late Mary Fleming Dempsey ’53

Agnew, Ed, husband of Gerry Conley Agnew ’56

Schuba, Nancy Kelly, sister of the late Patricia Kelly Boyd ’43 and the late Kathleen Kelly Nickels ’56; aunt of Mary Ellen Boyd Sherman ’71 and Celeste Boyd Jones ’73

Griffith, Carol E. Shevlin, daughter of the late Frances Reedy Shevlin Schueneman ’33 and sister of the late Jean Shevlin Hills ’59; also sister of Mary Clare Shevlin Loftus ’61, Patricia Shevlin ’63, Marguerite (Peggy) Shevlin ’65 and Eileen Shevlin Dowd ’67.

Marilyn Pinn Griffin, twin of Judith Pinn Brice ’58 and sister-in-law of Barbara Hamer Pinn ’58

Werner, Patricia Brice

Gallagher, Kathleen Keating

Hoff, Margaret R. Burns, sister of Julianne Burns McShea ’59

Hawken, Claire Devlin, aunt of Rilla Spellman Ledgard ’52

Mehigan, O.P., Sister Margaret (Thomas Owen), sister of the late Sister Anna Marie Mehigan, O.P. (M. Josepha) ’53

Doran, Philip, husband of Mary I. Scanlan ’58

Jamiolkowski, Nancy Doig, sister of Suzanne Doig Clam ’69, Marianne Doig Byrnes ’72, Karen Doig Formosa ’74 and Patricia Doig Gleason ’75

McCarthy-Borkowski, Denise, sister of Michelle McCarthy Tuenge ’69

Nugent, Mary Therese

Bourke, Helen “June”

Devine, Elizabeth (Betty) Buck, sister of Barbara Buck Feltman ’52 and Mary Buck Chesek ’60, and sister-in-law of Helen Callahan Buck ’60. Betty was a former AOL Alumnae Board member.

Lysaught, Mary Lou Dwyer

Duffin, Barbara Geraghty, sister of Patricia Geraghty Kowalski ’51, Dolores Geraghty Hickey ’53, twin Catherine (Kay) Geraghty ’54 and Eileen Geraghty ’56

Rooney, Meg, daughter of Maryirene Duffy Clarke ’53

Brooks, Jacquelyn (Jackie), sister of Belinda Brooks ’79

Linehan, Mary Therese Kallem

Grace, Marianne O’Brien

Rena Lillard, sister of Vida Stroud ’72 and Valarie Stroud ’77

Blough, Gerald F. “Gerry,” brother of Patricia Blough Gately ’62, Sister Mary Robert (Maureen) Blough ’63, Diane Blough Martenson ’64, Nancy Blough Bacevich ’67, Karen E. Blough Kedley ’69, Mary Beth Blough Hennessy ’72, Jeannette Blough ’74 and Karen R. Blough Hartrich ’75

Bruce McDonald, husband of Debbie Carmody McDonald ’65

Tomaska, Mary Kay Orbon

Siegel, Richard G. “Spike,” brother of Mary Beth Siegel (Paul Glick) ’72

Rudnik, Donald M., husband of Mary Beth Hight Rudnik ’72, brother-in-law of Paula Hight ’67

Mikota, Mary Jane Cronin, sister of the late Margaret Cronin Peterson ’48 and cousin of Virginia Pasal Prim ’68

Peterson, Margaret Cronin, sister of the late Mary Jane Cronin Mikota ’51 and cousin of Virginia Pasal Prim ’68

Kriwiel, Darlene, sister of Marilyn Kriwiel Kneiss ’68, Patricia Kriwiel Statement ’70 and Joanne Kriwiel Warchol ’73

Kozak, Dorothy Higgins, sister of Karen Higgins Scanlon ’57

Callahan, Jane Coleman

G. Joseph (Joe) Guinane, husband of Kathleen O’Brien Guinane ’62

McNamara, Mary C. Hasty

Gallagher, Breda O’Connell, sister of the late Elizabeth (Betty) O’Connell DeBickero ’55 and the late Mary O’Connell Frey ’55.

Forman, JoEllen McLinden

Gulino, Irene Hamilton

Stare, Georgia Mae, mother of Linda Latronica Chenore ’73

Murphy, Arlene Overhage

Sister Margaret Ann (Mary Theresa) Curtin, SSND, sister of Sister Joan Marie (Nora) Curtin ’46 and of Sister Susan Curtin, SSND

Gillie, Debra, sister of Linda Gillie ’69, Joyce Gillie ’70 and Louvenia Gillie ’76

Holt, Jacquenette Winston, sister of Kimberly Winston Hatch ’83

Bryan, Eileen “Mickey” Muellmann, 100, sister of Joan Muellmann Nicholson ’48

King, Bernice Morand, sister of Beatrice Morand Hill ’37

Boyd, Patricia Kelly, mother of Mary Ellen Boyd Sherman ’71 and Celeste Boyd Jones ’73; sister of Nancy Kelly Schuba ’46 and Kathleen Kelly Nickels ’56

Flyke, Jeanne Garvey, sister of the late Geraldine Garvey Dite ’37

McClowry, Daniel, brother of Joan McClowry Quillman ’60; Alice McClowry Feeney Doherty ’61 and Celeste McClowry Keefe ’71

Foley, Alice M., a past AOL Alumnae Board recording secretary; sister of Norine Foley ’57, Mary Ann Foley Walsh ’58 and the late Patricia Foley Devine ’63

McDermott, Sheila M., cousin of Karen Moran ’71

Murray, Marita, sister of the late Mary Camille Murray ’50

Sullivan, Mary Laura Scott

Swallow, Geraldine Byrne

Stanton, Lorraine C., mother of Sue Stanton Wilson ’72

Doubek, Mary Laura, sister of Martha Doubek Dion ’65

Broderick, Kevin, brother of Christine Broderick Schleyer ’71 and Donna Broderick Callahan ’73

Swan, Nora Humphrey

Bell, Diane Fogarty

McCullough, Lucy, mother of Diana McCullough May ’74 and Michelle McCullough ’77
(Mrs. McCullough died on October 28, 2019. Several Board members attended her memorial Mass on November 19 at St. Benedict the African Church.)

Owens, Thomas Michael, husband of Mary McWalter Owens ’56. A member of Leo High School’s Hall of Fame, Mr. Owens received its Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018.

Quinn, Mary Lou McInerney, sister of Carol McInerney Root ’60

Kriebs, Dorothy Smith, sister of the late Jane Smith Tiggelaar ’38 and the late Helen Smith Gockman ’42; aunt of Carol Gockman Sanford ’64

Grant, Nancy, mother of Kathy Grant McGee ’72, Eileen Grant Sheehan ’73 and Laurie Grant Hurley ’74

Anzer, Francyne V.

Murphy, Joan M., sister of Rita Murphy Carey ’52

Malone, Elinor Fee

Ford, Barbara Martin, sister of the late Mary Martin Taillon ’43, the late Alice Martin Rose ’47 and the late Margi Martin McGuire ’53; aunt of Catherine Taillon Faye ’66 and the late Jeanne Taillon Hotchkin ’64

Ryan, Phillip J., husband of Susan Cliff Ryan ’57

Reynolds Jr., Kevin, son of Diane Durkin Reynolds ’57

Olson, Rose Glenville, sister of Mary Pat Glenville McNamara ’61 and Carol Glenville Ryan ’63

Miner, Patricia Wheeler

Nowlan, Marie A. Weber, sister of Margaret Weber Parker ’48, sister-in-law of Elizabeth Nowlan Maloney ’54 and Patricia Nowlan Bialecke ’59

Kelly, Alice V. (Kitty) Buckendahl

Dorothy “Dottie” Dooley Rusch, mother of Christine Rusch Suellentrop ’70 and sister of Geraldine Dooley Drahnak ’61

Earley, Mary Delaney

The Rev. John J. “Jack” Kilgallen, S.J., brother of Verna Kilgallen Holzhall ’53 and Carol Kilgallen Meyer ’54

Torczynski, M.D., Elise (Dr. Leon Jacobson), sister of Bonnie Torczynski Galanti ’54

Holmes, Jane Murphy, sister of the late Mary Rita Murphy Stump ’47 and the late Sister Carol Murphy, RSM ’52

Naughten, Nancy Bogue, sister of Marsha Bogue Dugan ’61

Ezrow, Dorothy Biondi, sister of the late Carole Biondi Hennessy ’52

Carlson, Mary Kay Kreteck, sister of Carol Kreteck Ballweber ’50

Madsen, Kathryn Tearney

Thomas Hynes, husband of Judy Maher Hynes ’57. Tom Hynes was former Cook County Assessor and a former Illinois state senator.

Kruger, Winifred “Wink,” sister of Kathleen  (Cathy) Kruger ’70

Goodman, Elizabeth Miley
Quebbeman, Patricia Collins

Malone, Joan Cook, daughter of the late Joan Matthews Cook, ’38; sister of Kathleen Cook Starnicky ’67

Pollock, (Mary) Colette O’Malley

Schultz Charlene Chochola

Schejbal, Geraldine “Jeri” Roddewig McMahon, sister of Joan Roddewig Geary ’58

Madden, Margaret

Jarrett, Jacqueline

Meyer, Frances Lawler, sister-in-law of Jean Oliver Lawler ’47

Ferrill, Jane Sue Skelly

Kachinsky, Mary Catherine Dooley, sister of Rita Dooley Ramos ’73

Pilawski, Jerry, husband of Cathy Burke Pilawski ’70, brother-in-law of Peggy Burke ’75 and Mary T. Burke ’72; and son-in-law of Irene Burke, AOL volunteer database manager

O’Neill, Carol Carty, sister of Patricia Carty Monahan ’63  the late Fran Carty Donlan ’53

O’Toole, Betty Jane Wall, sister of JoAnn Wall Ruff ’51, Ginny Wall Raftery ’63 and the late Mary Helen Wall Connelly ’52; sister-in-law of Kathy Kerrigan Wall ’62; also “related” to Pat Kelly Boyd ’43 by the marriage of Pat’s son, Tom, and Betty Jane’s daughter, Holly

Stump, Ruth Mangan

Powell, Shereece Hooker

Machairas, Amy, daughter of Clare Flanigan Boquist ’46, niece of Jane Flanigan Downey ’61

Wren, Dolores

Warden, Shawn

Simon, Colleen Storhow

Matthews, Mary Ann Sherman, sister-in-law of the late Joan Matthews Cook ’38

Green, Honor K. Walsh

Geary, Marie Gerrity

Keller, Patricia Rodighiero

Matthews, Mary Ann Sherman, sister-in-law of the late Joan Matthews Cook ’38
King, Vernal Miller

McClorey, John M., husband of Maryanne Whitehead McClorey ’56

Mandel, Rita Franzen

Billings, Kathleen McGrath, sister of Marianne McGrath Miller ’54 and Judy McGrath Dolan ’59

Stroud, Thelma, mother of Veda Stroud ’72 and Valarie Stroud ’77

Rubino, Mary Ann Arrigo

Keehan, Virginia, sister of Jeanne Keehan Hightower ’41 and the late Marguerite Keehan Dellman ’32 and the late Rosemarie Keehan Audet ’47

Virginia received a Centennial Award from AOL in 1974 for her work as an educator. She was president of Richard J. Daley City College from 1971 to 1978.

Hamilton, Mitzi Bernauer

Clark, Alice Dargan, daughter of the late Sarah Byrne Dargan ’13

O’Connor, Dolores O’Conner

Dorigan, Margaret “Marge,” sister of Rita Dorigan Kompare ’56

Halik, Jeanne Reiner 

Feeney, Patricia O’Meara

Smetana, Patricia Kenneally

McGavock, Mary Frances Bieker

Carter, Linda

Caddigan, Mary F. O’Brien, sister of Patricia O’Brien Clarke ’53 and Eileen O’Brien Maher ’57

O’Toole, Barbara Barnes, sister of Kathy Barnes-Chan ’66 and the late Marilyn L. Barnes ’48

Deborah Bragg

Briggs, Patricia, sister of the late Kathleen Briggs Kerrigan ’59

Herte, Rosalind

Knudsen, Kathleen “Kay” Kennedy

Conrad, Rosemary Gamble, cousin of Charlene Molitor Oliver ’59, Nancy McConnell Sullivan ’59, Patricia Molitor Arbuthnot ’61, Virginia Molitor Hennessey ’65, Kathryn Starshak Smigleski ’69 and Marguerite Starshak Cacciatore ’71

McGrath, John Daniel “Dan,” husband of Peggy Kane McGrath ’55; brother-in-law of Loretta Kane Golden ’57, Joan Kane Fletcher ’61 and the late Mary Kay Kane Zaeske ’54

Huguelet, Mary Kay Mulligan, sister of the late Charlotte Mulligan Stitzer ’58. Kay was a past president of the AOL Alumnae Association.

Small, (Margaret) Sister Mary Helen, SSND
Helm-Rogers, Teresa
McDonnell, Mary Leona “Lee Merrick , sister of the late Joan Merrick Waddick ’46

Tokars, Jerome, husband of Kathryn Stapleton Tokars ’55

Esterhammer, Charles, longtime AOL teacher; husband of Marcella Quinlin Esterhammer ’43 and father of Mary Alice Esterhammer-Fic ’77

Eckstrom, Barbara A., mother of Deborah Eckstrom ’72

Bowen, Catherine McPolin, sister of the late Winnie McPolin Quinn

McCormick, Judith “Judy” Waterman

Buckwalter, Jeanne M. Brondell, sister of the late Virginia Brondell Boyd ’32

Sister John Martha Knybel, former AOL librarian

Murphy, Timothy, brother of Patricia Murphy Rohan ’73 and Jennifer Murphy Houtsma ’74

Molnar, Jean Malooly, sister of the late Mary Janet Malooly McKeon ’44 and sister-in-law of the late Marilynn Ryan Malooly ’53. Jean served as first vice-president of the AOL Alumnae Board in the late 1950s.

Carroll, Vera Jane Sullivan, sister of Eileen Sullivan Doran ’56

Snyder, Bernice Corrigan, mother of Nancy Snyder Ronquillo ’69 and sister of the late Virginia Corrigan Martin ’36

Wheeler, Patricia Robinson

Doherty, Marianne

Van Witzenburg, Jeannette M. Fischer

Geary, Marie Hurley

Fitzgerald, Loretta Geary
Fitzpatrick, Laurian McGrenera

Corrigan, Mary Ann Flatley

Markey, Elizabeth “Jane” McNichols, mother of Mary “Kate” Markey Murphy ’68 and Elizabeth “Betsy” Markey Prunckle ’69, and sister of the late Mary Frances McNichols Elam ’42

Gray, Joan Brennan, sister of Maureen Brennan Sullivan ’69

Fox, Lorraine Whalen, sister of the late Margaret Whalen Meyer ’42 

Sheridan, Rita M. Novak 

Smith, Maura, sister of Rosemary Smith Garrett ’59, the late Joyce Smith Stapleton ’49 and the late Colleen Smith O’Shea ’54

Seaman, Richard, brother of Dorothy Seaman Gillespie ’43 and Ruth Seaman Cain ’45

Corbett, Margaret Piper, mother of Kathleen Corbett Smith ’72 and sister of the late Regina Piper Hauser ’53Marge was a former AOL Alumnae Board member.

Van Etten, Jack, brother of Kathleen Van Etten Hall ’50; Elaine Van Etten Cassidy ’56; Nancy Van Etten Haske ’59 and the late Marjorie Van Etten Bersell ’49

Gavin, Vinceretired Chicago police sergeant, former manager of the Evergreen Plaza and friend of AOL; husband of Eileen Burke Gavin ’61; brother of Peggy Gavin Hackett ’61 and Cathy Gavin O’Brien ’66; brother-in-law of Sheila Sullivan Burke ’66; the late Mary Therese Edwards Burke ’56 and the late Sharon Burke Lynch ’58

Memmesheimer, Rosemary Scanlan, sister of Mary Ellen Scanlan Long ’44

Helm, Phyllis Hackett, sister of the late Shirley Hackett Lyons ’38 and the late Muriel Hackett O’Connor ’40

O’Connor, Muriel Hackett, sister of the late Phyllis Hackett Helm ’33 and the late Shirley Hackett Lyons ’38

Burns, Daniel, brother of Catherine Burns Tunney ’69

Hurd, Margaret LaMantia
Capron, Eleanor Arends
Gilhooly, Florence M. Herbert, sister of Kathleen Herbert Gilhooly ’63 and Sharon Herbert Wronski ’61
Gilligan, Mary, sister of Helen Gilligan Holz ’68
Gustafson, Dolores Driscoll
Williams, Margaret Cunningham, sister of the late Mary Cunningham ’45
Voss, Jean Peterson, sister of Dorothy Peterson Torgersen ’54
Fitzgibbons-Keeney, Mary Patricia

Taillon, Mary Martin, mother of Catherine Taillon Faye ’66 and the late Jeanne Taillon Hotchkin ’64; sister of Barbara Martin Ford ’56; the lateAlice Martin Rose ’47 and the late Marji Martin Mcguire ’53 (Tribune 10/5/16)

Woolley, Nancy Boone, sister of Susan Boone Lewis ’69
Hoffman, Colletta A. Lilly
Gleason, Cynthia Lewis
Vanlier, Joyce Devine
Sener, Helen Jane Whitehead
Eggert, Madonna Flynn
Budny, Bernadine Thomas
Roe, Mary Egan
Doyle, Phyllis Ward

Anderson, Pamela

Sailer, Patricia Ann O’Neil

Komp, Mary Rita “Marita”

Cummings, Barbara Jean

Doherty, Sandie E. Sleeman

Maloney, Lorraine Marie Sheeranmother of Margaret Maloney Sheid ’71

Archibald, M.D., John L., husband of the late Mary Evelyn Dietmeyer Archibald ’36; father of Mary Ellen Archibald Fioti ’64; Rita Archibald ’66; Joanne Archibald ’67; Denise Archibald Heraty ’68; Terese Archibald (Terry Tramel) ’69, Lucille (Lucy) Archibald Stanewicz ’71 and Geri Archibald Brydon ’76

Reidy, Winifred “Winnie” McCanna, sister of the late Ruth McCanna Caraher ’51
Fitzgerald, Maureen O’Malley
McNally, Rita Connolly, sister of the late Mary Connolly Cadigan ’49, the late Eleanor (Helen) Connolly Brennan ’52, the late Kathy Connolly Lux ’57 and the late Elizabeth Connolly Wulf ’59
Ippolito, Maryann Cairo, sister of Louise Cairo Sues ’51

Mrozek, Janet Karelva

Coghlan, Mary Lucille “Mary Cele” (husband the late Thomas Mason), daughter of the late Catherine Lyons Coghlan ’23; sister of Catherine Coghlan Cook ’51 and sister-in-law of Carol Hanigan Coghlan ’51
Maloney, Kathleen Kraiss
O’Neil, Gladeene “Deene” Rausch, sister of the late Lauretta Rausch Blake ’36

Perkins, Virginia Kenny, sister of the late Jeanne Kenny Graver ’44, the late Marie Kenny Carlin ’44 and the late Frances Kenny Limperis ’48

Terra, Janet Tuohy, sister of Mary Pat Tuohy Morajda ’59 and Elaine Tuohy ’71

Garvin, Jerry, husband of Sharon Ward Garvin ’67

Donovan, Judy

Biskupic, Mary Jane Bauer

Robert E. Eckstrom Sr., father of Deborah R. Eckstrom ’72.

Elmer Redd, father of Denise Redd ’71 and Pamela Redd Simpson ’72.

Coughlin, Ann Ita Dunn

Tatro, Mary I., mother of Suzanne Tatro Neaylon ’66 and Mary Ellen Tatro-Mendoza ’73

Klinger, Lawrence E., brother of Barbara Klinger Delaney ’56, Mary Lou Klinger Burke ’63 and the late Rita Klinger Blaney ’49

Weber, Mary Ann King, sister of Denise King Maddux ’60 and Suellen King Coleman ’72

Hudzik, Marjorie Cavanaugh, sister of Mary Cavanaugh Limbach ’47

Quinn, Eileen Prindiville, sister of the late Teresa Prindiville Brickley ’39. Eileen Quinn was the mother of former Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn.

Kelly, Michael J., husband of Margaret Mary (Meg) Vail Kelly ’73 and brother-in-law of Mary Anne Vail Sereiko ’72


Severino, Shirley Killoran, sister of Dolores Killoran Mulhall ’48 and the late Janet Dujsik ’62


Zane, Nancy Vanderwarf

Leddin, Mary Jo Brennan

Simon Peoples, son of Raye Clark Peoples ’72


Kelly, Marijo

Schulz, Linda Gegznas

Flax, Patricia Dougherty

Hennessy, Sister Isabelle B.V.M. 

Boswell, Eleanor Woodruff

Kerns, Lois Rickert 

Watts, Barbara Gaal

Stapleton, Winifred T. Manning

Loftis-Cothran, Charmaine

Lusk, Judith Birmingham, sister of Patricia Birmingham Mahay ’58

Owens, Sally Fenton

Delahunt, Barbara Mann, cousin of Gloria Higgins Dillon ’51 and Carol Higgins Walsh ’47


Bennett, James, husband of Elsie (Ellie) Owens Bennett ’58, brother of Mary Kay Bennett Bolz ’63; brother-in-law of Pauline Owens Goodman ’59; Carol Owens ’62 and Loretta Owens Bolde ’65. James Bennett donated his remains to the Anatomical Gift Assoc. of Illinois for medical research.

Wroblewski, Judith Bullen

Griffin, Barbara Huguelet, sister of Peg Huguelet Kalchbrenner ’53, Patricia Huguelet Walsh ’53 and the late Arlene Huguelet Miles ’49

Hahn, John W., husband of Lucille Gilskey Hahn ’40

Miniar, Margaret “Pauline” Foerner, sister of Mary “Swiss” Foerner ’52


Donnellan, Shirley Messer

Stone, Suzanne Sauter


Gariti, Elizabeth Coady, sister of Shirley Coady Van Henkelum ’49 and the late Marylee Coady Wilson 53


Hervey, Dianne-Marie

Alexenburg, Margaret Mary (Margie) McAloon Guldan , sister of Eileen Guldan Cherry ’72, Patrice Guldan Blum ’67 and the late Mariann Guldan DaCosta ’69

Rauen, George D., husband of the late Beverly Eckert Rauen ’50, brother of Patricia Rauen Godwin ’63 and Kathleen Rauen Gallagher  ’63

Owens, Clementine M., mother of Elsie Owens Bennett ’58, Pauline Owens Goodman ’59, Carol Owens ’62 and Loretta Owens Bolde ’65

Madden, Florence, mother of Margaret Madden Druska ’72

Lynch, Michael E., husband of Margaret Shaughnessy Lynch ’50

Hughes, Gerald P., husband of Dawn Schmidt Hughes ’54

Daluga, Thomas, son of the late Loretta Durkin Daluga ’37, brother of Diane Daluga Deacy ’66 and Carol (Kay) Daluga Cotiguala ’72

Broderick, Daniel, brother of Lucy Broderick ’71, the late Molly Broderick Barnett ’72 and Katy Brockerick Duffy ’74

Wolff, Barbara West

O’Connell, Mary Clare Grace, sister of the late Donna Grace McCormack ’45

Marietta Moore O’Hara, mother-in-law of Kathleen Walsh O’Hara ’70, and aunt of Maureen Moore Shirreff ’71 and Kathleen (Kitty) Moore ’70

Murray, John “Dave,” husband of Betty Hartman Murray ’53

McGrath, Carol Hogan

Kelly, Barbara Mikus

Henson, Dorothy Trainor

Thorne, Judith Abell

Sherlock, Mary Catherine Warapius

Von Bampus, Patricia McCullough

Liston, Marilyn Wyack, sister of Charlene Wyack  Bolster ’51

Dagenais, Yvonne

Cadigan, Mary Bridget Connolly, sister of Rita Connolly McNally ’54; Kathleen Connolly Lux ’57; the late Eleanor Connolly Brennan ’52 and the late Betty Connolly Wulf ’59

Jurinek, Eddie, son of Francesca DeBella Edgeworth, ’63

Brown, Mary Alice Enright, sister of Lois Enright McInerney ’50 and Kay Enright Keller »54

Murphy, Patricia Kidney

Greer, Daphne Miller

Clarke, Mary Jo (“Mimi”) Connaughton, sister of Jacqueline Connaughton Norris ’48, the late M. Patricia Connaughton Karl ’45and the late Ann Therese Connaughton Scully ’47

Longawa, Joan Thompson

Bevil, Rochelle, sister of LaVonia Bevil Galloway ’71 and Vernice Bevil ’75 and aunt of Robin Bevil ’90

Mackey, Gwendolyn C. McCormack

O’Donnell, Kathleen (Kate)

Relos, Janet

Barrett, Eleanor, mother of Mary Susan Barrett Lipscomb ’69

Rascher, Dorothy Biondi, mother of Dorothy Biondi Ezrow ’53 and the late Carole Biondi Hennessy ’52

Doerr, O.P., Sister Patricia Jean

Stevens, Mary Lou O’Connell

Scales, Barbara Franke

Gehrman, Mary Carol O’Brien, sister-in-law of Patricia Kelly O’Brien ’53 and Marilyn Burchett O’Brien ’56

Waddick, Joan Merrick, sister of  Lee (Mary Leona) Merrick McDonnell ’45

Mangan, Caryl Cummings, mother of Martha Mangan McNicholas ’71 and sister of the late Lou (Alma) Cummings Bedell ’48

Carlin, Marie Elizabeth Kenny, sister of Virginia Kenny Perkins ’41, the late Jean (Jeanne) Kenny Graver ’44 and Frances Kenny Limpiris ’48. 

Homan, Dorothy Deming

Fleming, Lorraine

Richard, Sister Anita Claire SSND, former assistant principal at A.O.L.  (Tribune 9/29/13)

Anderson, Jon, husband of Pamela Sherrod Anderson ’72

Hooks, Debra Parrish

Shiley, Jane Ann Murphy

Davis-Toby, Dora, mother of Regina Davis ’71

Creamer, Almani, 12, son of Regina Anderson ’96

Sams, Carmelita Cobb

Mills-Beckham, Lynnette

Brown, Chantey Yvette

Brown, Sheila

Cox, Dawn

Kohler, Georgene Popp

Noonan, Gertrude Horan, mother of Nancy Noonan Pierce ’60 and Eileen Noonan Bussler ’61.

Mann, Barbara Fitzmaurice, sister of Maureen Fitzmaurice Knoernschild ’55

Shannon, Susan Murphy, sister of Barbara Murphy Rooney ’51

Sinars, Margaret R. Williams

Graeber, Isabell O’Leary

Hunter, Mae Elease, mother of Elease Hunter Dorsey ’72 and Candace Hunter ’73

Rook, Marie Riley, mother of Mary Rook Nykrin ’66 and Barbara Rook ’68

Coughlin, Hazel Gallivan, mother of Janet Coughlin Ganch ’68 and sister of the late Veronica (Vera) Gallivan Mueller ’42

Shea, Theresa Kowalski

McGarty, Jean Ross

Gawell, Frances Fitzpatrick

Philpot, Rhonda

Brown, Elaine, sister of Sharon Brown Lawson ’67 and the late Donna Brown Harris ’72

Padden, Joan Gallagher, sister of Marette (Mert) Gallagher Creagan ’47Rosalie Gallagher Lawinger ’55 and Margaret (Peggy) Gallagher Gutrich ’60

Weaver, Eileen, sister of the late Doris Weaver Ryan ’51

Flanagan Sr., John, a deacon at St. Germaine Church in Oak Lawn, brother of Mary Therese Flanagan Rovetto ’53 and the late Jane Ann Flanagan Schlee ’59

Breier, Karen Kletzke

Hansen, Kathleen Miller, sister of Mary Ann Miller Castillo ’69

Chirillo, Elenore R., mother of Kathleen Chirillo ’66 and Charlene Chirillo Stachniak ’68

Hanlon, John P., husband of Margaret Reis Hanlon ’45; father of Catherine Hanlon Nieken 69; Margaret Hanlon 69; Sheila Hanlon 69; Eileen Hanlon Lavin 74 and Mary Hanlon Daley 74

Beck, Mary Lou, sister of Debbie Beck ’63

Supple, Rosemary, mother of Carolyn Supple ’65, Mary Ann Supple Britz ’66, Patricia Supple ’69 and Kathleen Supple Farej ’70, sister of Anita Ward Smith ’46 and sister-in-law of Sister Mary Supple ’45

Kerrigan, Kathleen Briggs, sister of Patricia Briggs ’54

Heininger, Rosemary Adams

Pfordresher, Virginia (Jinni) Rausch, mother of Beth Pfordresher Havey ’65, sister of the late Margaret Rausch ’27 and the late Lucia Rausch ’29

Swift, Joan Kintner, sister of the late Rosemary Kintner Brooks ’45

Parker, Margaret Clancy, sister of Mary Ann Clancy Adamson ’65 and Sister Maureen Clancy ’71, cousin of Patricia Clancy ’59 and Sharon Clancy Woodward ’58

McLaughlin, Helen Yore, sister of Margaret (Peg) Yore Pickert ’47 and the late Joan York Gleeson ’51

Keeler, Mary Alice (“Mert”)

Sykes, Joan O’Shaughnessy

Reynolds, Leona T., sister of Joan Reynolds Donegan ’50 and Anita Reynolds Bielak ’52; aunt of Nancy McWalters Clancy ’72 and Mary Pat McWalters ’73

Smagur, Lucille, mother of Barbara Smagur ’69 and Janet Smagur Jacobson ’71

Ryan, Stephen T., brother of Cyrilla Ryan Finnegan ’65

Hughes, John F., brother of Sally Hughes Stewart-Guzaldo ’47 

Horan, Gertrude, 100, mother of Marcia Horan Browning ’54 

George, Louis C., husband of Marion L. Brosnan George ’59 and brother of Susan George Lawler ’57 

Flax, Theodore, husband of Patricia Dougherty Flax ’43 

Coughlin, Patricia Noonan

Debrecht, Lynne Murphy, sister of Drew Murphy Mans ’54

Carroll, Joan Templeman, sister of Rosemary Templeman O’Reilly ’44

Flynn, Patricia Dunne, sister of Dolores Dunne Gainer ’45

Allen, Lucy, cousin of the late Kathryn Allen ’40 and the late Madelyn Allen Todd ’43

Knight, Sharon Sullivan, sister-in-law of Katherine Knight Yetter ’63

Crowell, Lorraine Hills, sister of Marian Hills Marren ’55

Jennings, Kathryn, mother of Diane I. Jennings ’65

Johnson, John E., husband of Ellen Regan Johnson ’65

Rush, Rita Thompson

Dugan, Colette Walsh, sister of the late Marie Walsh Kinsella ’45 and Elaine Walsh Hamilton (A.O.L. grade school) and aunt of Eileen Kinsella Noland 72 and Maribeth Hamilton Barry 73

Honesty, Monika

Tillery, Tenneill Edna

Gray, Tanaka

Thomas, Carlesia Sonya

Matthews, Karen Michele

Calvin, Yolanda Patrice

Ashley, Jordana Yvette

McKay, Shannon Louise Hampton

Foster, Tania A.

Wallace, Gerlonda M.

Stanford, Meredith J.

Adams, Deborah

Hines, Robyn L.

Coburn, Andrea M.

Sulton, Pamela Faye Logan

Lacey, Carmel McDonald

Jackson, Caroline Shumpert

McCoy, Tracy L.

Watson, Tracey L.

Trent, Katrina D.

Jefferson, Vanessa

Echols, Patricia L.

Pyburn, Lisa

Huggins, Phyllis

Perkins, Cheryl Denise

McCray, Teresa M.

Danforth, Angela Marie

Cortez, Marlene

Watson, Volora Vyvyon Dunn

Riddick, Claudia Marie

McKinney, Deborah Anne

Turner, Jennean Marie

Turner, Dena Marshall

Simpson, Karen

Phillips, Susan Tennant

Martin, Michelle Lene

Mango, Yolanda A.

Lee, Gloria

Goines, Mary Hardison

Glanton, Rosalind

Dupree, Rosilyn Jo Trotter

Coleman, Elissia

Smith, Renetta

Pike, Annette J.

Merritt, Karen V. Brotherson

Knox, Marilynne C. Harmon

Hines, Luella Marie

Guyton, Cheryl

Drake, Tylene A.

Cox, Veda Faye Whitley

Braden, Frances Ann Webb

Naranjo, Violetta Victoria

Mays, Sloan A.

Ice, Willeana Hammond

Dunn, Valerie Diane

Springer, Deborah Marie

Harvey, Barbara Carrien Sullivan

Green, Starnetta Alisa

Graham, Starr Kimberly

Spratte, Trisha Ann Crofton

Morgan, Denise Wiksten

Koelikamp, Colleen Lee

Johnson, Carol L.

Higgins, Denise Elaine

Cavanaugh, Barbara Ann

Boyle, Susan M.

Tyler, Adria Regina Hollins

Eubanks, Sheila M.

Powers, Lynna Pernola Curls

Newman, Therese

Long, Maureen P. Houlihan

Harris, Donna Marie Brown

Grossman, Nancy T.

Ford, Rita A. Howard

Carroll, Kathleen Marie

Byrnes, Alice Jean

Broderick, Mary M.

Bennett, Hollis Dianne

Werhane, Nancy Ruth Monard

Walker, Stephanie J.

Smith, Barbara Claire

Remus, Rita A. Stewart

Noonan, Susan Eileen Frost

McDaniel, Deborah A. Hammond

Lloyd, Pat K.

Arnold, Donna Almetta

Volodka, Ruta Sophia

Smagac, Diane Lynn

Hurley, Nancy Jeanine

Glick, Ann (Bambi) Brooks

Galdikas, Mary Frances Koteles

Flowers, Veotia R.

Cryan, Joan Frances Kelly

Cacciatorie, Terri Marie O’Connor

Buckwalter, Mary Ann

Burica, Veronica Mitrick, sister of Mary Therese Mitrick ’66.

Wheeler, Mary Ellen

Stitts, Debra Michelle Robinson

Ritchie, Karen M. Crowley

Prochnon, Beverly Jean Rapka

Pokrzywa, Margaret Lois McCarthy

Murphy, Patricia Ann

Michaels, Sheila Ellen Livingston

McCain, Jill Maureen Johnston

Marshall, Susan Marie

Malpede, Janet Lynn Black

Hillenbrand, Margaret Mary

Granata, Denise Marie Meehan

DeAlba, Marilyn Ann Stevens

DaCosta, Mariann Elizabeth Guldan

Buchholtz, Lauren Marie

Anderson, Ellen Marie

Zelnis, Ann Marie

Walano, Carol J.

Ulm, Eileen M. O’Grady

Quinn, Joanne Patricia

Nolan, Janet Lee Cavanaugh

Moberg, Mary Rudofski

McKeever, Marilyn Ramsden

Luxen, Kathi

Lewis, Maureen C. O’Donnell

Haney, Paulette Ticoli

Graber, Susan

Dore, Kathleen O’Connell

Burke, Patricia

Bank, Susan Brady

Wax, Patricia M. Lipka

Walsh, Kathleen Stanton

Strong, Margo Satira

Stewart, Janet A. Hornbostel

Smith, Diane Dresky

Newman, Kathleen

McInerney, Patricia A.

McDermott, Mary A.

Lyne, Mary Jo LaFranchise

Kowalski, Jacqueline A.

Hoban, Barbara Ann

Christy, Deborah

Ward, Janet Lynn Briski

Stefaniak, Margaret Manion

Males, Maryann K. Farrell

Klem, Carol T. Lukas

Heisserer, Virginia Wortel

Flynn, Susan Jane Stumpf

Dresky, Dorene Marie

Daly, Patricia Ann Hennessy

Collins, Veronica M. Ritchie

Callaghan, Kathleen M. Murphy

Burnett, Sharon Daphne

Bowers, Beverly J.

Wilhelm, Mercedes Marie

Weisfus, Mary Elizabeth Fitzsimmons

Walker, Gail Marie Andrews

Stockins, Pamela Troy

Stancato, Sharon Emma

Spencer, Barbara Jill Murphy

Slawniak, Kathleen Margaret Doherty

Schulte, Joyce Binkis

Schneider, Sharon Marie Veague

Moster, Nancy Joan

Meister, Maryanne Rotroff

Leake, Carolyn Mary Graf

Horan, Bonita Mae O’Donnell

Hanno, Diana Joan Ucho

Gramenz, Elaine Marie Nita

Golen, Joan Alice O’Toole

Gibbons, Katherine Mary

Donnelly, Ann Elizabeth Phillips

Dennis, Cheryl Ann

Cummings, Barbara Ann Staib

Carroll, Patricia Mary

Carmen, Barbara Ann Karl

Burke, Alana Jeanne Theusch

Bicek, Angela L. McNamara

Wisniewski, Jeanne Ann Moisan

Ward, Mary Bridget O’Connor

Vance, Judith Ann Kosek

Sevedge, Karen Marie Lettiere

Schiller, Anne Bickett

Pelleteir, Janice Marie Budny

Pecyna, Karen O’Neill

Parker, Alice Therese Gleeson

Pacholski, Sandra C. Korzen

Mulgueeney, Jane Patricia

Mrozck, Patricia Marie Hoard

Marjan, Virginia

Kowal, Carol Ann Quigley

Koepel, Virginia Rose Joyce

Hrynko, Carol A. Nowak

Hillenbrand, Kathleen

Heier, Catherine R. Nolan

Hayes, Mary Pat Condon

Hagey, Marilyn Isabella Smith

Forrer, Maribeth Bush

Flynn, Marilynn C. Phillips

Dwyer, Mary Catherine

DuCharme, Mary Christine Burke

Dragan, Judith A. Laidley

Conybear, Shirley Anne Bartonek

Calvano, Concetta Marie

Brauer, Paulette Mary Miller

Yates, Mary Anne

Williams, Florence Ellen Dwyer

Spray, Jean Marie Durkin

Nyman, Mary Elizabeth Quinlan

Nolan, Mary Ann

Nolan, Kathleen Ann Buckley

McLaughlin, Margaret A. Carrington

Massero, Mary Ann Anastasia

Mackey, Barbara Ellen

Lammert, Jeanne E.

Hunt, Patricia Ann O’Connor

Hunt, Norine C. Hayes

Hatfield, Phyllis L.

Hardy, Joanne Florence Hussey

Grace, Bonnie Therese

Gavin, Patricia K. Voris

Gallagher, Priscilla Ellen Pall

Freyermouth, Mary T.

Chermel, Karyn Kathleen Kennealy

Carey, Sharon Ann Kennealy

Bacon, Christine Elaine Lucy

Thorson, Lenora M. Rizzi

Sullivan, Patricia M. Cozzolino

Sullivan, Mary R. Doody

Springer, Betty J. Larke

Sinars, Margaret R. Williams

Sertich, Joyce Ann

Moore, Mary Bernadette Michels

Meade, Janith M. Somen

McComb, Cheryl K. Banker

Maher, Charlene Rooney

Kelly, Carole Ann Connolly

Johnson, Nancy Jean Harbinson

Johansson, Patricia M. Weinrich

Heggeland, Mary Therese Hartrich

Haggerty, Donna Grace Latino

Flonatek, Maureen A. Hauk

Dujsik, Janet Killoran

Dittmann, Catherine A. Baer

Carmody, Margaret M. Woods

Brinnell, Kathy Wagner

Bollman, Mary Margaret Hertke

Bienfang, Nancy J. Kelly

Angone, Eileen Ann Collins

Abate, Anite Marie

Clark, CHM, Sister Camille (Rosemary)

Boehm, Carol Bennett

Tagler, Shirley Mary

Schmiecher, Carol Ann Kissel

Rasp, Sandra Frances Sulima

Muday, Barbara A.

Jawor, Mary Welch

Gaul, Carol Ann Meister

Gamble, Maryann C.

Crowley, Maureen Ellen

Brozenec, Sally A.

Aguila, Mary Helen Dwyer

Sullivan, Denise Kay Connor

Schaefer, Beata Marie

Rush, Kathleen Louise Dilley

Reutebuch, Mary Jane Safstrom

Pappas, Margaret Mary Cleary

O’Tillar, Patricia Ann Meier

O’Connor, Judith Ann Tansey

O’Connor, Judith Ann Tansey

McClellan, Ann Elizabeth

Marinier, Mary Agnes Stoeck

Mangine, Diane Grace Moses

Kozola, Karen Anne

Kotalik, Nancy Ann Robinson

Koerting, Ann Marie Moonan

Keating, Mary Magdalene Shay

Karnezis, Charlotte Gertrude Dolan

Kaapke, Kathryn Ann Delso

Hetreed, Clare Frances

Hayes, Dorothy Louise Beaty

Haraburda, Barbara Jean Korus

Hanlon, Helen Patricia Nielsen

Hamlin, Mary Regina Pavletic

Hallstrom, Johann

Groskopf, Anne Therese

Gordon, Margaret Ellen

Falvey, Maureen Jean Coleman

Doyle, Patricia A. Curry

Davenport, Barbara Jean Kurth

Danglemeyer, Anne Valentine

Curran, Kathleen J. Fahy

Chalifoux, Betty Jean Lyons

Byrnes, Anne Louise

Wulf, Elizabeth M. Connolly

Thor, Janet Marie Simon

Terone, Patricia Ann

Sullivan, Eileen Frances Grady

Strama, Carol Ann Curran

Stevens, Rowena Ruth Garrison

Smith, Margaret Blanch Connery

Sheehan, Margaret Mary Driscoll

Schlee, (Mary) Jane Ann Flanagan

Ryan, Joyce

Rooker, Jane Ellen Newman

Rogers, Carole Ann Karsten

Quinn, Winifred Ann McPolin

Paul, Mary Louise Meany

Olivares, Lois Pauline Trilla

Oie, Mary Ellen

Murphy, Mary Jane

Meegan, JoAnn R. Funderlic

McParland, Mary Judith Smith

Lappin, Catherine Anne Rosenstel

Lacy, Maryann Eleanor Viravec

Korenchan, Maxine Alberton

Hynes, Marlaine Louise Marzano

Hawkins, Carol Lyn Jackson

Gioiosa, Rosemarie Casey

DePrima, Mary Kathleen O’Brien

Cody, Margaret Ann Johnson

Casey, Mary Judith Reiser

Burgess, Therese Ann

Bullock, Rosemary T. Buhrfiend

Brown, Judith Ann Fraisl

Bins, Gladine Morand-Jacobsen

Walsh, Sharon Marie

Vermont, Judy Jane Klein

Sullivan, Kathleen J.

Stitzer, Charlotte D. Mulligan

Spears, M. Aileen Nash

Schmitz, Nancy Marie Speck

Prosser, Sandy I. Giachetti

Payne, Jackie Marie Schmitz

O’Neill, Peggy Mary Shine

Olson, Catherine Ann Friese

Nolan, Maribeth E. Adduci

Moran, Patricia Anne

McWeeney, Joan Ann Hennessy

McGlynn, Patricia

Mayer, Judy Ann Lucid

Long, Liela M.

Grindler, Joan Annette Walsh

Gloodt, Catherine M.

Gallagher, Elaine Mary Hetreed

Fogarty, Barbara Jean Chiocca

Floyd, Lynda Anne Schlossbauer

Conley, Barbara Marie

Colwell, Mary Therese Bulfin

Cahill, Kathy Helen McInerney

Armbruster, Maureen Loretta

Andrews, Mary Jane

VanHorn, Barbara Jean Wallace

Stelzer, Marilyn Joan Ivers

Sheehy, Joan Carroll O’Connor

Schroeder, Mary Joanne Reuther

Schneider, Patricia Ann O’Donnell

Ryan, Mary Winifred Browne

Reistetter, Madonna Sheridan

Rattary, Gail

Peshak, Meredith Jo Zeman

O’Malley, Patricia Ann Bernd

O’Brien, Trudy A.

Meyer, Rosemary Theresa

McMahon, Judith L. Lundstrom

McFetridge, Jo Ann Carroll

Mattso, Betty Jean Rossiter

Krahulik, Jean M. Wistort

Hughes, Maureen Frances Quan

Hogan, Linda Rose Tillhof

Hannon, Gail P. Covington

Haggerty, Judy J. Flynn

Glavin, Sharon Joan

Forest, Patricia Ann Hunt

Ford, Jacquelyn Marie Aigner

Farrell, Mary Jane Noonan

Dorgan, Donna Thies

Dea, Barbara Ann McLean

Conlon, Margaret Sullivan

Broad, Joyce Mary Fisher

Webber, Carol S. Gill

Ulmer-Scheiber, Mary Regina

Turley, Patricia A

Traxler, Patricia

Thopka, Marlene M. Hall

Sweet, Jean Casey

Ryan, Eileen

Ruiz, Elizabeth L. Schmitt

Rudis, Sue Skorup

Rooney, Maureen

Robinson, Diane

Rivituso, Rita Joan Waugh

Quaid, Judith A. McInerney

O’Regan, Meredith Sigel

O’Kane, Joan Zaleski

Moriarty, Elizabeth McGarry

McKeon, Margaret Steed

Lenart, Margaret Doyle

Kunstmann, Carol Salman

Knoezer, Barbara E. Cassidy

Klarich, Nina

Kinney, Yvonna M. Blumn

Kennedy, Madonna P. Kean

Kaspar, Shirley Morris

Harmon, Eileen Einwalter

Grubba, Barbara Shannon

Fleming, Jean E. Jackson

Duggan, Sheila T.

Drury, Roberta E. McGrath

Dowd, Patricia Donovan

Cavanaugh, Frances Brennan

Bowden, Bernadine F. Turner

Bellavich, Catherine Dwyer

Bauer, Jean M. O’Hara

Thometz, Judy G.

Shea, Marijean Gibbons

Ringbauer, Mary A. Cleary

O’Toole, Patricia

O’Dea, Marilynne A.

O’Connor, Joan M. O’Rourke

O’Brien, Joan Taylor

Noel, Mary J. Reilly

New, Dorothy M. Klinger

Mulheran, Rosemary Scales

Muldoon, Mary T. Coakley

Morris, Carollyn Furman

Moore-Swanson, Marian Zimmerman

Meyer, Janet T. Lynch

McAvoy, Lois R. McCarthy

Mannion, Barbara J. McCarthy

Lukiw, Yvonne M. Fushi

Lenart, Carol A. Donohue

Lamkin, Sheila M. Bingen

Korchek, JoAnn Pritchard

Klaviter, Maureen M. Donahue

Kemp, Carole C. Stepp

Jackson, Audrey J. Linton

Hatton, Rochelle Mausure

Gonzalez, Jean Redington

Frey, Mary M. O’Connell

Fox, Eileen C. Blackburn

Flatley, Patricia Shanahan

Dwyer, Sheila M.

Dominic, Anne Capodice

Daly, Patricia Nash

Crowe, Barbara Madigan

Cherne, Marguerite

Bushnell, Mary Ann Kelly

Burrell, Lynne Pereira

Brennan, Geraldine

Brall, Carol Pekan

Barry, Vivian J. Silvestri

Austgen, Geraldine A. Sweeney

Aswad, Margie Huddleston

Zandis, Helen C. Keegan

Zaeske, Mary Catherine Kane

Whitcomb, Mary Ann Rockaitis

Webber, Mary Kay Reilly

Webb, Mary Ann Coyne

Watson, Barbara Huesmann

Walsh, Joan Mandle

Towns, Angeline M. Coco

Thies, Mary Ann Stewart

Sullivan, Patricia

Steed, Ruth T.

Spehar, Joan C. Smuczynski

Socha, Renee Hustedt

Skimel, Patricia J. O’Hearn

Scola, Patricia Chappell

Schmidt, Roberta J. Ahearn

Rojek, Rosemarie Horsch

Rogan, Josephine F. DeFay

Punicki, Maryann Drews

Pry, Carol A. Sack

Plecki, Frances McMahon

Pitt, Gloria Ann Butler

Pietsch, Judy Sundstrom

Moser, Annette M. Hagen

Micun, Maureen M. Haggerty

Michuda, Loretta C.

Mauer, Marilyn C.

Maroney, Joan F. Colby

Madden, Mary M. Cotter

Leonard, Patricia M. Leddy

Hauser, Patricia M. McTigue

Harris, Susan F. Biron

Guinta, Margie L. Adamson

Grunauer, RoseMarie Dooley

Grindel, Joan M. Bowen

Griffin, Kathleen Higgins

Gorsky, Alyce J. Daly

Farley, Mary Ann

Dwyer, Mary Ann Dirschl

Dreyer, Diana K. Keehan

Drabeck, Darlene E. Schmitz

Downs, Margaret M. – Sr. Mary Bernice

DiPietro, Jeannette G. Fox

Curran, Joanne Donohue

Cook, Marilyn Lucy

Connelly, Mary Anne Rauwolf

Cheifetz, Laurann Norvell

Callaghan, Bernice C.

Brouch, Mary

Biancalana, Sally Ann Clausen

Aigner, Patricia A.

Ziegler, Doris M. Kozen

Yandel, Florence Meldrum

Williams, Nancy Regan

Walters, Barbara Burke

Szekely, Louise Collins

Sullivan, Geraldine Jesse

Smith, Rita Bialecke

Schultz, Joan L. League

Riordon, Donna Reilly

Ravensbeck, Gloria DeVita

Powell, Rosemary Ryan

Peil, Donna Sullivan

O’Shea, Joan Buhrfiend

Oakey, Mary Lou – Sr. Josephine Marie

Murray, Nancy Haggerty

McGuire, Margaret Martin

Malloy, Mary C. DePersia

Mahoney, Joan M. O’Sullivan

Maher, Elizabeth A.

Madden, Donna Allison

Kuenster, Reva Cody

Knaff, Barbara Murray

Hughes, Mary Ann Burns

Harkins, Kathleen

Grant, Diana Donovan

Garvey, Donna Corriston

Frederick, Phyllis

Feldmann, Jean Conroy

Evans, Joyce

Downes, Loretta Lyons

Donlan, Mary Fran Carty

Dibiase, Verlyn Bermingham

Cone, Mary Theresa McGarry

Catenzaro, Marlene Maday

Carroll, Eileen Fasano

Barker, Patricia A. Condon

Graham, Patricia Coyle

Bechill, Jean Kafka

Walsh, Mary E. Steinemann

Thomas, Mary Ellen

Speese, Winifred Ellen

Smith, Nancy Leigh Baum

Smith, Marifrances Schmidt

Smith, Madonna Koehl

Shortall, Patricia Ann Maroney

Schofield, Margaret J. Evans

Schmitt, Lucille Margaret Toomey

Schell, Joan D. Amann

Roache, Rosemary V. Menard

Roach, Bernadette E. Quinn

Plank, Jacqueline Ann Buttell

Piekarz, Paulette Valerie Roches

Perez, Mary Ellen O’Connell

Nelson, Clare Enzenbacher

Nagle, Janet E. Beaty

Murphy, Ellen C. Haggerty

Murphy, Carol Ann

Mitchell, Sonia Cecilia

Meinert, Nancy A. Laughran

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McHugh, Patricia Culligan

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Bedell, Alma Cummings

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Buckley, Virginia

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