Zorich, Margaret Angela, mother of Linda Zorich Lipa ’66 and Lauren Zorich Rosenberg ’68

Sheddy Jr., C. Warren, husband of Therese A. Gallagher Sheddy ’66

Regan, Rosemary, sister of Kathleen Muellner Cunningham ’66

Hinde, Charles John, father of Maureen Hinde Stritch ’69

Gallagher, John “Jack,” brother of Rosalie Gallagher Lawinger ’55, Peggy Gallagher Gutrich ’60, the late Joan Gallagher Padden ’45 and the late Marette “Mert” Gallagher Creagan ’47

Caraher Jr., Arthur J., husband of the late Ruth McCanna Caraher ’51, brother of the late Marian Caraher McDermott ’43 and the late Dorothy Caraher Prendergast ’46

Weaver, Patricia Masquelier, sister of Kathleen Masquelier Moriarity ’57

Angers, Donna Callahan, sister of Helen Callahan Buck ’55, the late Sister Regina (Irene) Callahan, O.P., ’46 and the late Dorothy Callahan Muscia ’62

Adams, Carole Ann LaMasney (also, A.O.L. Grade School 1950)

Moore, (Ellen) Janet

O’Donnell, Colette Dalton, sister of the late Patricia Dalton DeCoster ’47

O’Donovan, Margaret Collins

Rathel, Dolores Anne Placek

Kerr, Margaret Shefcik

Burica, Veronica Mitrick, sister of Mary Therese Mitrick ’66

Coghlan, James, husband of Carol Hanigan Coghlan ’51; son of the late Catherine Lyons Coghlan ’23; brother of Catherine Coghlan Cook ’51 and Mary Cele Coghlan Mason ’60; and brother-in-law of Mary Jane Hanigan Manley ’55

Boehm, Carol Bennett

Clark, CHM, Sister Camille (Rosemary)

Mehigan, Sr. Anna Marie, OP

Malpede, Janet Black

Joyce, Elaine Chevalier

Godfrey, Arthur, husband of Karen Bailey Godfrey ’63

Rush, Rita Thompson

Bojanowski, Richard, husband of Rita Cosgrove Bojanski ’59

McCoy, Tracy

McLaughlin, Margaret Anne Carrington

Johnson, Nancy Harbison

Brauweiler, Joan Marie Hussey

Stanford, Karen Dowell

Haggerty, Sharon Sullivan

Isabel Giachetti Weber, sister of Anna Giachetti Tonelli ’54 and cousin of Sister Lucy Giacchetti ’50

Reedy, Marilyn Barrett, sister of the late Barbara Barrett Shallow ’45 and of Joan Barrett Katz ’57; sister-in-law of the late Frances “Clare” Reedy Shevlin Schueneman ’33 and of Mary Ellen Reedy Piekarz ’54

Jackson, Caroline Shumpert

Sinars, Margaret Williams

Yore, Dolores Dressel, mother of Victoria Yore Janutis ’69; sister of Joan Dressel Temple ’52; cousin of Celine Dressel Mertz ’52; and sister-in-law of Bernadine Maloney Dressel ’44

Verhey, Bernard H., brother of Sister Lorrita (Eleanor) Verhey ’60; Rita Verhey ’62 and Loretta Verhey Cassidy ’73

Vaughan, Margaret, mother of Joan Vaughan Splawski ’70 and Sheila Vaughan ’72

Tatka, Ronald J., brother of Denise Tatka Sanicki ’70

Sullivan, Kenneth, husband of Mary Ita McWilliams Sullivan ’61

Sullivan Sr., John P., husband of Lois Maday Sullivan ’58

Ross, Jesse, husband of Kristen Kalnes Ross ’64

Padden, David, husband of Joan Gallagher Padden ’45

O’Hara, Robert W., husband of Marietta Moore O’Hara ’39

O’Conor, John R. Jr., father of Linda O’Conor Schillaci ’67 and Barbara A. O’Conor Landgraf ’70

Pusateri, Michael Vincent, brother of Pauline Pusateri Dreuth ’54 and Sally Pusateri Harris ’57

Prendergast, Virginia, mother of Elsie Prendergast Radtke ’67, Kathleen Prendergast (Dennis Ginosi) ’67 and Joan Prendergast Restko ’74

Nash, Lilyan, mother of Julie Nash Burke ’58

McKenna, William, husband of Margie Arnold McKenna ’55 and brother of Betty McKenna Simon ’53 and Mary Lou McKenna ’55

Maloney, C.M.F., the Rev. James F., brother of Bernadine Maloney Dressel ’44, Patricia Maloney Rinella ’48, Margaret Mary Maloney Hanlon ’55 and Carol Maloney Reyes ’60

MacAskill, Daniel P., husband of Regina Thomas MacAskill ’71

Lavelle Sr., John E., father of Mary Teresa Lavelle Brophy ’65, Patricia Lavelle ’69 and Kathleen Lavelle Catinella ’72

Lamb, Matt, brother of Peg Lamb Dillon ’45

Kunka, Carol, sister of Roberta Kunka Mann ’59 and Ruth Kunka Golomb ’62

Korten, Mary Evelyn, sister of Carol Korton ’50, Miriam Korton Bryant ’55 and the late Kathleen Korten St. Lawrence ’52, and daughter of the late Evelyn McDonnell Korten ’29

Keegan, Thomas P., husband of Eileen Cullinan Keegan ’70

Honan, John, husband of the late Patricia Burke Honan ’44

Gunty, LeRoy, father of Donna Gunty Pelletier ’67

Gleason, Terry, brother of Jeanine Gleason Ranzen ’70

Esterhammer, Thomas, uncle of Mary Alice Esterhammer-Fic ’77; brother-in-law of Marcella Quinlin Esterhammer ’43 and brother of Charles Esterhammer, longtime A.O.L. teacher

Curtin, S.J., the Rev. Cornelius, brother of Sister Margaret Ann (Mary Therese) Curtin, SSND, ’44; Sister Joan Marie (Nora) Curtin ’46; Margaret Curtin Healy ’60; and Sister Susan Curtin, SSND

Crowley, John, husband of Patricia Leppa Crowley ’55

Coleman, Shirley, mother of Christine Coleman Elmore ’68

Clifford, John T., husband of Mary Ann Clifford Kelly ’61; sister-in-law of Margaret Kelly Gleason ’65 and Rita Kelly Hodorowich ’68

Cherry, Mary K., mother of Mary Jo Cherry Bayer ’75

Chan, John Y., husband of Kathy Barnes Chan ’66

Goldrick, John J., father of Anne Goldrick Gallagher ’69 and Mary Goldrick Quinn ’71

Petrus, Mary Jean Traeger

Carole R. Nolan ’50, ‘founding mother’ of WBEZ-FM, loved A.O.L. and S.S.N.D.


Carole R. Nolan ’50, was certain about who had provided the foundation of knowledge she later built upon during her early career as an educator and later as a public radio pioneer with station WBEZ (91.5 FM) in Chicago. Carole praised her teachers at the Academy of Our Lady for their career-shaping guidance.


In accepting an achievement award in 2006 from the School Sisters of Notre Dame Chicago Province, Carole recalled: “Sister Aventine and Sister Josephine awakened my interest in science. Sister Cortona put the fear of God in me as I learned Latin, and Sister Charlette helped me develop study habits in my quest for knowledge. Sister Eudocia developed my interest in ancient history and probably influenced my travel. I loved Longwood and the beautiful campus. I can still remember the fun we had at the Mission parties. [They were] probably my introduction to fundraising, which later helped me raise money for public radio.”


Carole, who was 80, died July 5 in hospice care from the effects of muscular dystrophy and Parkinson’s disease. Tributes posted within hours of her death on WBEZ’s website illustrated how very well Carole had learned her Longwood teachers’ lessons. One former colleague lauded her as the “founding mother” of WBEZ in the early 1970s. Another praised her leadership over the years in transforming the station from an underused instructional outlet owned by the Chicago Board of Education to that of the independent, not-for-profit entity Chicago Public Radio (now Chicago Public Media). Among Carole’s accomplishments mentioned on WBEZ’s website and in her Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune obituaries were her improvement of the station’s broadcasting capabilities, programming and audience share; linking WBEZ with National Public Radio; and–in 1995–moving the station from its Loop location to state-of-the-art facilities at Navy Pier. The Tribune quoted Torey Malatia, Chicago Public Media’s current CEO, in describing Carole’s talent for overcoming challenges: “She was an incisive business professional who let no obstacle, no matter how formidable, stop her.”


And although she was a role model for aspiring women executives, Carole—still a teacher in some respects–also was known for her compassion in developing young talent.


To prepare for her life’s journey, Carole earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry at DePaul University and then a teaching degree from Chicago Musical College, where she studied piano. Prior to her radio career, she taught science and music in the Chicago Public School system, wrote science curricula and developed television production classes for high school students.


At her retirement in the mid-1990s, Carole had served for 25 years as WBEZ/Chicago Public Media’s general manager and chief executive, and she had won many awards. Her love of travel had taken her to every continent. Several years ago she moved from her north suburban home to a senior living community in Arlington Heights. Recently she had been writing a book about her years with the radio station.


Survivors include Jane Marie Smith, a friend of 53 years, and several cousins.

Werner, Marie Reiter, mother of Marianne Werner King ’56 and Virginia Werner Devona ’63

Brozenec, Sally

Simon, Mary Virginia Barrett, sister of Dorothy Barrett Adler ’41 and the late Rose Marie Barrett Casey ’34

Ganser, John J., brother of Joyce Ganser Moriarty ’71

Delaney, William, father of Kathleen Delaney O’Sullivan ’62, Marian Delaney Onischak ’62, Dorothy Delaney Conley ’68, Maririta Delaney McKenna ’68 and Helen Delaney Ptacek ’70

Davis, Sister Adrian (Marian), LCM (Little Company of Mary order)

Eckenstein, Dolores Nugent, sister of Mary Ann Nugent ’63

McManus, Joan McCarthy (A.O.L. grade school ’50), sister of Maureen McCarthy ’51

O’Hara, Corinne

Rottman, Mary Frances Gross

Ruff, Dr. William J., husband of JoAnn Wall Ruff ’51; brother-in-law of Betty Jane Wall ’55, Kathy Kerrigan Wall ’62, Ginny Wall Raftery ’63 and the late Mary Helen Wall Connelly ’52

Cooney, Rita

Poynton, Paul E., brother of Donna Poynton Johnston ’67 and Frances Poynton Levickas ’70

McMahon, Donald J., brother-in-law of Jan Machen O’Connor ’67

Connelly, Mary Helen Wall, sister of JoAnn Wall Ruff ’51; Betty Jane Wall O’Toole ’55; and Ginny Wall Raftery ’63; and sister-in-law of Kathy Kerrigan Wall ’62

Walsh, Kathleen Stanton

Rauen, Beverly Eckert, sister-in-law of Mary Lou Streff Eckert ’40 and Mary Clare Bialecke Eckert ’59

Simpson, Karen

Ochylski, Eleanor, mother of Gabrielle Ochylski Klein ’74 and Mary Catherine Ochylski ’72

Barish, Joan Elizabeth Walsh ’45

Gaul, Dr. Carol Meister

Miller, Joan DePersia, sister of the late Mary C. Malloy ’53

Heniff, Eloy, husband of Charlotte Bergen Heniff ’41

Reynia, Grace Conroy

Hortsman, Frances Bulger, sister of Helen Bulger Little ’41

Blake, Theresa H., mother of Patricia A. Blake ’66

Ragen, Mary Carey

Carey, Sharon Ann Kennealy, twin sister of the late Dr. Karen Kennealy Chermel ’63

Jawor, Mary Welch

Corcoran, Lois Fisher, sister of Jean Fisher Gorman ’53, Mary Jo Fisher McGuire ’64 and the late Joyce Fisher Broad ’57

O’Toole, Marjorie Staley

Ristow, John, father of Rayna Ristow Murphy ’61

Lenz, Sister Jean (Alice), O.S.F., retired (2009) Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, IN

Carr, Rita Burke, sister of the late Mary Burke Kilbane ’50

Cortez, Marlene L.

Meagher, Marie Therese Lyman

Dwyer, Claudette, sister of the late Sister Ruth Eileen Dwyer ’43

Fazio, Bernadette A., mother of Bernadette Fazio Schultz ’72

Howard, Mary Pearson

Kill, Robert F., father of Susan Kill Kegan ’73 and Christina (Tina) Kill Kelly ’75

Wulf, Elizabeth Connolly, sister of the late Helen (Eleanor) Connolly Brennan ’52, Mary B. Connolly Cadigan ’49, Rita Connolly McNally ’54 and Kathleen Connolly Lux ’57

Brennan, Helen (Eleanor) Connolly, sister of Mary B. Connolly Cadigan ’49, Rita Connolly McNally ’54, Kathleen Connolly Lux ’57 and the late Elizabeth Connolly Wulf ’59

Hayes, Dorothy Beaty, sister of the late Janet Beaty Nagle ’52

Gately, Eileen Davis, sister of the late Rosemary Davis Rinderer ’44 and the late Jean Davis Hodgman ’46

Clark, Mary Elizabeth Murphy

McGuire, Margaret, sister of Alice McGuire Prendergast ’49

Desidero, Eileen Tatro

Hlavin, Genrose Smith

Lynch, Joan Littleton, mother of Kathy Lynch Sheahan ’71 and Colleen Lynch Doherty ’73

Washington, Tamara

Lukaszewski, Joan, mother of Mary Lukas (Kyle Maus) ’72 and Joan Lukas (Jeff Negrete) ’73

Werhane, Nancy Monard

Lacy, MaryAnn Viravec, sister of the late Cynthia Viravec ’61

Rasp, Sandra Sulima

Keller, Margot Shaski

Heisserer, VIrginia Wortel

Matthews, Karen

Calvin, Yolanda

Ashley, Jordana

Allen, Amaryllis

Hanrahan, Carol Miller

Moonan, Joan Tucker

Foley, Joan Kielty

Cronin, Jeanne Marcoux, sister of Celeste Marcoux Flynn ’55

Reynolds, Frances, age 102, daughter of the late Winifred Powers Reynolds ’01; sister of the late Winifred Reynolds McGuire ’24, and aunt of Kathleen McGuire Burch ’57.

Conway, Jane Rumpf Hogan

Flynn, Susan

Smith, Catherine F. Fortino, sister of Sister Margaret Fortino, SSND, ’50

O’Gorman, John, husband of Monica Ford O’Gorman ’47, father of Eileen O’Gorman Sobotka ’69, Kathleen O’Gorman Altman ’71, and Madelyn O’Gorman Ryan ’72

Lukasik, Colleen Koelikamp, daughter of the late Elizabeth Erickson Koelikamp ’50

Spencer, Barbara Murphy, sister of Lynn Murphy ’63

Schneider, Sharon Veague

Bicek, Angela McNamara

Komar, Patricia Hartrich, sister of Rosenele Hartrich Zack ’59, the late Mary Therese Hartrich Heggeland ’62, Betty Hartrich Cozzie ’64, Barbara Hartrich Anderson ’67 and Eva Hartrich Simutis ’72

Hardy, Joanne Hussey, sister of Patricia J. Hussey ’56

Heggeland, Mary Therese Hartrich, sister of Rosenele Hartrich Zack ’59, the late Patricia Hartrich Komar ’63, Betty Hartrich Cozzie ’64, Barbara Hartrich Anderson ’67 and Eva Hartrich Simutis ’72

Muday, Barbara

Crowley, Maureen, sister of Sheila Crowley Cunningham ’54, Sharon Crowley Whalen ’59 and Mary A. Crowley ’64

Sullivan, Mary Therese Glynn

Falvey, Maureen Coleman

Moran, Micalyn Mary McCullough, sister of Patricia McCullough Von Bampus ’54, Mary Lee McCullough Reidy ’57, Margaret McCullough Manning ’61, and Therese McCullough Freeze ’63

Mangan, Maureen Burke, cousin of Patricia Delsing Wees ’54

Archer, Mary Ellen McDermott

Hauser, Regina Piper, sister of Margaret Piper Corbett ’48

Ward, Marguerite Malone

Cramsie, Jeriann Clare O’Melia

Battle, Catherine “Kay” McGowan

Sullivan, Helen Stewart, sister of Fran Stewart Leahy ’39, the late Rosemary Stewart Henry ’37, the late Jean Stewart Willems ’40, the late Mary Kay Stewart Lange, the late Virginia Stewart Harrington ’44, and sister-in-law of Sally Hughes Stewart ’47

Penton, Marilynn Murphy McDonough

O’Neill, Marilyn Gausselin

McGrath, Norine

Howard, Bettyanne Nemec, sister of Marion Nemec Gross ’47

Wunsh, Mary Kay Ruff

Davis, Mary Frances Desmond

Burns, Mary Jane Hodgman, sister of Betty Hodgman Ford ’42

Waddick, Dorothy

Malone, Patricia

Hayes, Shirley

Fallon, Marie Maiella

Cunningham, Mary D., sister of Margaret Cunningham Williams ’54

Spencer-Pierson, Noreene Lowe

Slade, Carol Keenan, sister of the late Eleanor Keenan Phee ’34 and the late Rosemary Keenan Ready ’37

Nelson, Betty McLary

Crist, Eileen Madden

Kilduff, Lorraine Hughes, sister of Eleanor Hughes ’42, Jean Hughes Fitzmaurice ’44 and the late Georgeanne Hughes Hickey ’38

Graffy, Marguerite, sister of the late Madeline Graffy ’34

Kellam, Rosemary Heffernan

Thomas, Regina Lang, mother of Madalyn Thomas Ford ’68

Griffin, Rosemary Dunne, sister of Anita Dunne Schelp ’40, Virginia Dunne Peterson ’40 and the late Frances Dunne ’44

Hopman, Mildred Kean, mother of Jean Hopman Herter ’64 and sister of the late Margaret Kean ’29

O’Hara, Virginia Furlong, mother of Maureen O’Hara ’70, sister of Rita Furlong Hemphill ’33, sister-in-law of the late Rita O’Hara Delaney ’32

Schouten, Margaret “Janet”

Curtin, Catherine Colgan

Paulsen, Ruthellen Markmann

Koehler, Mildred Odenthal

Feely, Gladys Magly

O’Grady, Frances Walsh O’Connor

LIVES WELL LIVED: Five especially noteworthy alumnae


1940: Wendt, Loretta “Loret” Howard undoubtedly passed her sense of humor along to her son, George, the actor best known as “Norm” on TV’s “Cheers,” and her grandson, Jason Sudeikis of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.” Mrs. Wendt, who died last July 25, helped start Choices for Humor Enhancement Education and Renewal (CHEER), a humor and healing group, at Little Company of Mary Hospital in Evergreen Park, IL, where all of her children were born. The program uses various media to provide humor as a source of healing. In 2003 to celebrate her 50 years as an LCMH volunteer, the longtime South Side resident received the Sister Nancy Boyle Award for Excellence. Survivors include four daughters, 3 sons, 23 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.


1942: Liston, Patricia Limperis, a lifelong teacher, died in January. During her teaching career with the Chicago Public Schools, Mrs. Liston received Golden Apple Awards in the special education area in 1978 and 1981 while she served as assistant principal at Holden Elementary School. Survivors include her husband, James, four sons, a daughter and 20 grandchildren.


1952: Conklin, Carole Strauss, a 15-year breast cancer survivor who became a fundraiser for cancer research, died last Oct. 7. Following her cancer treatment, Mrs. Conklin volunteered for a few years for the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and then, in 2001 and 2002, she was co-chair of the Foundation Chicago affiliate’s Race for the Cure, a major event. A South Suburban resident, Mrs. Conklin worked in the airline, car rental and packaging industries. Survivors include her husband, Don; three sons, eight grandchildren and a sister, Laurel Strauss Krieps ’57.


1952: Fluder, Carol McElroy, who started a support group for parents who had lost a child to suicide, died in January. In 1978 Mrs. Fluder and her husband, Ernest, lost a college-age daughter, Teresa, to suicide. Through Catholic Charities they formed a permanent program, Loving Outreach to Survivors of Suicide (LOSS). A retired registered nurse, Mrs. Fluder also founded a chapter of the Resolve Through Sharing parents’ bereavement support program at Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights. Survivors include her husband, a son, three daughters, eight grandchildren and a sister, Rosemary McElroy ’48.


1978: Rosalind “Roz” Glanton died unexpectedly last November. Ms. Glanton, whose hobby was photography, was a member of the Chicago Alliance of African American Photographers. Her work was chosen for inclusion in CAAPS’ retrospective exhibit at the Woodson regional public library. Rosalind was a provider network consultant at Blue Cross Blue Shield. She is survived by her mother, Barbara Glanton; a brother, Timothy; a sister-in-law and a nephew.

Toni Foulkes was re-elected alderman of Chicago’s 15th Ward. She serves on several City Council committees.

Actor, producer and director T’Keyah Crystal Keymah (Crystal Walker) received an honorary doctorate of humane letters degree in May from Florida A&M University. A graduate of the university’s theater program and a member of the College of Arts and Sciences’ Gallery of Distinction, T’Keyah is best known for her role on TV’s “Cosby.” Her philanthropies include FAMU scholarships and a fund to assist underserved youth. In August she will be celebrity co-chair of the National Black Theatre Festival in North Carolina.

In contacting the Alumnae Office with her updated contact information, Celeste Redmond-Smith added that after graduation, she attended the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, where she received a bachelor’s degree in Business and Computer Science. She attended the University of Virginia School of Law before beginning her law career as an Assistant District Attorney in Brooklyn, NY. Celeste is married and has two sons and two grandchildren. She currently is an Assistant General Counsel for the New York City Transit Authority, representing the Authority in personal injury litigation.

Mary Ruth Hogan Lambesis joined the committee for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day fundraising party in St. Margaret of Scotland School’s gym. Party proceeds help support the school.

Jo Convisser Korngut ’64 recently let the Alumnae Office know where she has been all these years—in France since 1972! “It wasn’t really planned,” Jo wrote in a e-mail. “I came here to visit some friends and then never left.” In her years in France, Jo said, she has taught English to adults in business; worked in the wine trade, and served on a project team in international telecommunications. She is married and has a son. Jo fondly recalls Spanish class at A.O.L., followed by French study at Loyola University, where she graduated with a degree in sociology. Once in France, she realized she needed more language study. She enrolled in a 9-month, “semi-intense” course that “laid the groundwork for everything that followed. I could probably write a book about all of my adventures here, and when something unusual happens, I tend to say it will be a chapter in this still unwritten saga.”

Virginia “Ginger” Meares Rugai retired in May as alderman of Chicago’s 19th Ward after five terms in the City Council. A farewell editorial in the Beverly Review recalled that Ginger was appointed to fill a vacancy in 1990 and won her first full four-year term in February 1991. While 19th Ward alderman, she served on several committees, and was chairman of the Committee on Energy, Environmental Protection and Public Utilities. She also worked with Beverly area civic groups.

Carol Brookbank Nurisso currently teaches high school honors and advanced placement chemistry at Mercy High School in San Francisco.

Mary Clare Shevlin Loftus and her husband, Dr. Gerald F. Loftus, received the Shield of St. Xavier at St. Xavier University’s President’s Scholarship Ball in March. The award is given for outstanding support of the university. Mary Clare is an alumna of SXU. Gerald Loftus formerly served as medical staff president at Mercy Hospital in Chicago. Among other activities, Mary Clare served as a university trustee from 1996 to 2007.

Mary Pat Tuohy Morajda ’59 and her sister Janet Tuohy Terra ’62 were subjects of an article in the winter issue of “Regarding Health,” a newsletter of Little Company of Mary Hospital in Evergreen Park, IL. Pat and Janet were diagnosed with breast cancer at approximately the same time in 2009, and after surgery at LCMH, they received a new type of radiation therapy called intraoperative radiation therapy as part of a research study. The single-dose IORT therapy took place immediately after surgery. Mary Pat and Janet healed well and are enjoying good health—much to the relief of their sister, Elaine Tuohy ’71.

Nancy Merwick Brannan ’54 wrote to say that although the U.S. remains home for her and her sister Pat Merwick McEniff ’48, their sister Donna Merwick Dening ’49 has lived in Australia for many years. A longtime university professor and author, Donna has written extensively on American history.

Among other theater critics, Kathleen Dreyer Tobin ’48 gave actress Celeste Williams ’76 a rave review in the Beverly Review in April for Williams’ portrayal of Jessalyn Price in Julie Hebert’s play, “Tree,” at Chicago’s Victory Gardens Theatre. Celeste played a family’s aging matriarch in a story of family secrets revealed when a white woman thought to be a stranger—but who claims to be a relative–arrives from New Orleans at the African-American family’s Chicago home.

Two A.O.L. alumnae will be involved in the 12th annual Midwest Catholic Family Conference in Wichita, KS, in August. Barbara Mikus Kelly ’54 is a co-founder of M.C.F. and a director of the three-day summer event, with sessions planned for adults, teens and children. In an article on the Wichita diocese’s website, Barbara described the conference as an opportunity to learn about current issues affecting the Church and to seek deeper spiritual growth through education and devotion. Among the conference’s scheduled speakers is Susan Tassone ’70, longtime champion of “the holy souls” in Purgatory. Her latest book is titled “Praying with the Saints for The Holy Souls in Purgatory” (Our Sunday Visitor Books).

Sister Miriam Patrick (Patricia) Cummings ’49 is now president of the board of directors of Corazon a Corazon, an SSND-sponsored program that provides English language and computer literacy instruction for Hispanic immigrants and tutoring for their children in a St. Michael’s parish building in the South Shore neighborhood. The new board president hopes those who benefited from SSND’s caring discipline in the past will lend willing hands to this current need: “We always need volunteers, mentors and, of course, financial help. This is not a tuition- or fee-based project. We rely on the support of donors and grants.” For more information, call 773-221-0620 or check out the website at www.corazon-chicago.com.

The memory of Jane Kiley Bigane, who died in April, will live on in a scholarship named for her at Mother McAuley High School in Chicago. Jane’s five daughters, McAuley alumnae, had established the scholarship in Jane’s name in honor of her 80th birthday in 2009. Other A.O.L. graduates in the family were Jane’s sisters Rosemary Kiley Hartrich ’44 and Betty Kiley Roach ’49.

Marietta Moore O’Hara and her husband, Robert, celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in September 2010. As part of the celebration, their children and grandchildren expressed their love in an announcement in the Chicago Tribune.

A Chicago church’s Stations of the Cross fashioned of clay and wood from former school desks, collages accented with tar, and sculptures of ceramic, brass, copper, steel, stone, and woods from around the world were among artworks by Sister Gilmary (Dorothy) Lemberg, SSND ’45 featured the “Sacred Work, Creative Spirit” exhibit on April 9.

During the fundraiser in a sunny room at Mater Christi Church in North Riverside, IL, A.O.L. alumnae and other friends of SSND enjoyed refreshments and a leisurely stroll through the retrospective of Sister Gilmary’s work. Most of the pieces were sacred subjects created for churches and other religious venues from Chicago to Paraguay. Some were treasures created for the artist’s relatives and friends.

Several of Sister Gilmary’s smaller art works were on display. Others were represented by photographs mounted on long vertical panels. Sister Gilmary’s niece, Fran Gregory, also an artist, designed the exhibit and built the display panels with help from nephew Michael Dunworth and another niece, Gilmary Habenicht. Leslie Lopez of the SSND Mission Advancement office in Wilton, CT, and Judy Presta, Chicago area donor relations coordinator, also assisted with arrangements.

Before the majority of guests arrived, Sister Gilmary conducted a watercolor workshop. Small paintings made during the workshop were framed and given to their creators.

The exhibit’s program recalled that Sister Gilmary’s approach to art was fearless: “At a time when women were expected to work nothing more dangerous than a stand mixer for a batch of cookies, Sr. Gilmary was wielding a blowtorch, creating art from found objects and brass. Her work cannot be classified into any specific genre except, perhaps, as gift. Gift back to God, to society and to those she cherished. She never remained static, always experimenting with a new technique. No media intimidated her. She was equally comfortable blasting away rock, chiseling wood or mixing paint. . . . Her ability to transform cast-away objects into beautiful art had genesis in the desire to create.”

Proceeds of “Sacred Work, Creative Spirit” will benefit elderly School Sisters of Notre Dame and SSND ministries such as SisterHouse, a substance abuse rehabilitation facility for women, and Corazon a Corazon, a program that assists Hispanic immigrants and their children. Both are in Chicago.

Sjostrom, Robert, brother of Martha Sjostrom Ott ’72 and brother-in-law of Nancy Kelly Sjostrom

O’Shea, Mary Zita Corrigan, sister of Patricia Corrigan O’Donnell ’51

Slavin, Marilyn Larkin, sister-in-law of Mary Helen Slavin Hartmann ’56 and Kathy Slavin ’63

Graham, Loretta Brennan, sister of Mary Louise Brennan Fitzgerald ’37 and Helena Brennan Costello ’40

LeBeau, Richard, husband of Dorothy Nebel LeBeau ’41

Hanigan, Marie Cook, sister-in-law of Carol Hanigan Coghlan ’51 and Mary Jane Hanigan Manley ’55

Behrends, Mary T. Cronin

Earley, Thomas P., grandson of Mary Delaney Earley ’50

Puschak, Donna (Madonna) McMullen, sister of Genevieve McMullen Schaefer ’49

McNamara, Lorraine Cooney, sister of Jeanne Cooney Marbach ’46

Eberhardt, Jacqueline Joranson, mother of Mary E. “Sue” Eberhardt Hurley ’63

Welsh, Lois Brown

Ulmer-Scheiber, Mary, formerly Sister Margred, SSND

Corbett, Robert, husband of Margaret Piper Corbett ’48 and father of Kathleen Corbett Smith ’72

Koepel, Virginia Joyce

Murphy, Evelyn Ward

Lambert, Betsy Holecek, sister of the late Sister M. Bettina Holecek, SSND (Mary Jo) ’47 and Dr. Irene Holecek ’54

Burke, Alana Theusch

Schmiecher, Carol Ann Kissel

Brett, Catherine Gaughan

Hannon, Kathleen Lamb

Greene, Elizabeth, daughter of Joan Evans Rossini ’65

O’Shea, Nancy Fogarty, sister of Maureen Fogarty Donatelli ’52 and Sheila Fogarty Goss ’56

McGeehan, Patricia Murphy, sister of Marguerite Murphy Altenbach ’40

Tuscher, Joy Conroy, sister of Mary Conroy Doyle ’48 and the late Jean Conroy Feldmann ’53

Flisk, Michael, Chicago police officer, son of Kathryn Taylor Flisk ’59

Seniw, Elliott A., father of Sue Seniw McNamara ’74

McClaren, Catherine (Kathryn/Kay) Hynes, sister of the late Ann Hynes Hoyt ’50

Mucha, Doretta Garske, sister of Mary Belle Garske McIntyre ’51

Petka, Mary Rita Gilligan, sister of Margaret Gilligan ’47

Glanton, Rosiland

Graver, Jeanne Kenny, sister of Virginia Kenny Perkins ’41, Marie Kenny Carlin ’44 and the late Frances Kenny Limpiris ’48

Fee, Virginia “Gina” Beall, sister of the late Kathleen Beall Duchossois ’42 and the late Julie Beall Cassidy ’44

Wax, Patricia Lipka ’67

Long, June O’Connor

Ballweber, Anthony, husband of Carol Kreteck Ballweber ’50 and brother-in-law of Mary Kay Kreteck Carlson ’52

Conrad, Adrienne Baier

DeAlba, Marilyn Stevens, sister of Jane Stevens ’68

Meyer, Rosemary, sister of Evelyn Meyer ’60

Feldner, Donna Marie Feiling

Kittridge, Dorothy Mackey

Malloy, Mary C. Collar

Hallstrom, Johanna

Sister Ann Dominic, D.C. (Ann Capodice) ’55

Gallagher, John P. “Jack,” husband of Breda O’Connell Gallagher ’50

Krebs, Walter O., father of Pam Krebs Reiman ’69 and Liz Krebs Hansen ’75

Grigus, Shirley Valachovic

Fitzgerald, Francesann

Kamm, Mary Louise Dagenais

Roche, Joyce Kappel, lifelong friend of Mary Ellen McAvoy Papason ’51

Garvin, Thomas, husband of Mary K. Hayes Garvin ’53

Singler, Lila Fay, sister of the late Dorothy Fay Bowman ’24

Bowman, Dorothy Fay, sister of the late Lila Fay Singler ’32

Dunne, Rosemary Griffin, sister of Anita Dunne Schelp ’40, Virginia Dunne Peterson ’45 and the late Frances Dunne ’44

Wendt, Loretta Howard

Sister Rea McDonnell (John Maureen) ’59 had a fine time at the A.O.L. reunion last year. She hopes to attend again this year—to see former students of 1970, whom she guided in religion classes while serving as moderator of Student Council and the yearbook.

Now living in Maryland, Sr. Rea is a prolific author. Her 15th book, Into the Heart of Mary: Imagining Her Scriptural Stories, was published recently by Ave Maria Press. The dedication page reads: “To all those connected with the Academy of Our Lady, Chicago, especially my classmates and teachers, and my mother, Marie Holden McDonnell ’35.

After an introduction to modern scripture scholarship, Sr. Rea takes the stories of Mary of Nazareth from each of the gospels and Acts of the Apostles and invites readers to use their imaginations to fill in the details.

“Before you protest that you have no imagination, remember the last time you listened to someone’s sorrow or joy,” Sr. Rea said. “You entered their world, to be with them. That empathy is imagination. So I invite you to go and be with Mary in her sorrows and joys, offering her empathy and receiving hers.”

Into the Heart of Mary is available at www.avemariapress.com ($12.95). Proceeds go to SSND.

A life well lived: Alumna shared in group’s Nobel Prize

Karyn Kennealy Chermel, M.D. ’63, who spent much of her life aiding patients in war-torn and impoverished areas of the world, died last December at 64. She passed away in her La Grange, IL, home due to complications from several strokes she suffered a few years ago.

Dr. Chermel’s obituary in the Chicago Tribune stated that as a physician with Doctors Without
Borders, she shared in the aid group’s 1999 Nobel Peace Prize for its work in Bosnia.

The physician’s twin, Sharon Kennealy Carey, told the Tribune: “Her work took her to places where there was no food, no heat, no sanitation. But she loved helping people and she was good at it.”

In addition to her sister, Dr. Chermel is survived by a son, Dan; two daughters, Lisa and Kerry; her mother, Mary, and two grandchildren.

Hampton-McKay, Shannon

Lanham, Margaret (Meg) Riordan

Volodka, Rita

McCain, Jill Johnston, sister of Judy Johnston Carmody ’58 and Joan Johnston Wedemeyer ’60

Blaszak, Margaret (Peggy) Hillenbrand, sister of Kathleen Hillenbrand ’64

Flynn, Susan Stumpf

Stefaniak, Margaret “Peg” Manion, sister of Barbara Manion Heider ’67

Moster, Nancy, sister of Joan Moster Krol ’68 and Maureen Moster Cason ’69

Gramenz, Elaine Nita

Golen, Joan O’Toole

Hrynko, Carol Ann Nowak

Heier, Catherine Nolan

Freyermuth, Mary Therese

Gambla, Mary Ann

Aquila, Mary Helen Dwyer, sister of Carol Dwyer Mahoney ’56

Marinier, Mary Agnes Stoeck

O’Connor, Judy Tansey, sister of Cecelia Tansey Moran ’58

Haraburda, Barbara Jean Korus

Rush, Kathleen Dilley

Schlee, Jane Ann Flanagan, sister of Mary Therese Flanagan Rovetto ’53

Rooker, Jane Ellen Newman

McPartland, Mary J. Smith

Lappin, Catherine “Anne” Rosenstel

Jacobsen, Gladine Morand

Mayer, Judy Lucid

Grindler, Joan Walsh

McMahon, Judy Lundstrom (Donald Swibes)

Hannon, Gail Covington

Farrell, Mary Jane Noonan

O’Malley, Patricia Bernd

Whitcomb, Mary Ann Rockaitis

Gorsky, Alyce Daly

Dwyer, Mary Ann Dirschl, sister of Betty Dirschl Dorgan ’55, Dolores Dirschl Bradley ’62, Donna Dirschl Rogers ’64 and Judith Dirschl Dinwiddie ’69

O’Hara, Sheilamae Shannon, sister of Donna Shannon Mulchrone ’49 and the late Mary Ann Shannon ’48

Grahn, Maureen Cella

Levinthal, Isabelle Chelsea

Armstrong, Peggy West

Karow, Jayne McCarthy sister of the late Lois McCarthy McEvoy ’55

Murray, Mary Camille, sister of Marita Murray ’53

O’Connell, Joan Kenny

Kapsa, Barbara Enzenbacher, sister of Clare Enzenbacher ’52

O’Halloran, Joan Shannon, cousin of Mary Jayne Maloney Fahey ’41 and Kathryn Fairchild ’48

McNally, Mary Frances

Barnes, Marilyn, sister of Barbara Barnes O’Toole ’53 and Kathy Barnes Chan ’66

Abrams, Ann, sister of Joan Abrams Gibbons ’49 and Kathleen McCrave Cleary ’54

Kenney, Eileen Duhig

Cairns, Florence Wilt

Patrick, Gloria Wilson

Mokos, Mary Ann Nebehay

Foote, Leona Marie Stoffle

Heidecker, Dorothy Halaburt

Gainer, Carolyn Johnson, mother of Carol Gainer Bemis ’68, Patricia Gainer Smith ’71, Barbara Gainer Johnson ’72 and Karen Gainer Hall ’76; sister of Jeanne Johnson Conry ’38, Barbara Johnson Young ’51, the late Geraldine Johnson Egan ’38 and the late Dorothy Johnson McCann ’48

O’Brien, Jean L. Kaufman, sister of June Kaufman Merritt ’48

Gibbons, Kathleen Cady

O’Connor, Marie Fox, mother of Maureen O’Connor Scavone ’67, sister of Pat Fox Deiters ’40 and Sally Fox Shannon ’44

Mix, Maureen Hennessy

Donovan, Alice Kreutzer, mother of Diane Donovan Kitlica ’66 and Nancy Donovan Brown ’70

Walsh, Virginia Kuhn

Hogan, Geraldyn “Gerry” Conlan Lee, sister of Gertrude Conlan Anderson ’38

Brosnan, Margaret Culver

Brickley, Teresa Prindiville, sister of Eileen Prindiville Quinn ’35

Mattei, Dorothy Byrnes, sister of the late Rita Byrnes Ready ’41, the late Rosemary Byrnes Cooper ’42 and the late Dolores Byrnes Swibes ’51

Henry, Rosemary Stewart, sister of Frances Stewart Leahy ’39, the late Jean Pat Stewart Willems ’40 and Virginia Stewart Harrington ’44

Acker, Loretta Calnan, sister of the late Mary Calnan Collins ’33

Johnson, Dorothea Dwyer

Haleas, Dorothy Ruzic

Archibald, Mary Evelyn Dietmeyer, mother of Mary Ellen Archibald Fioti ’64; Rita Archibald ’66; Joanne Archibald ’67; Denise Alchibald Heraty ’68; Terese Archibald Tramel ’69; Lucille Archibald Stanewicz ’71; and Geri Archibald Brydon ’76.

Corcoran, Mary Roumanis, sister of Catherine Sullivan Brennan ’42, aunt of Therese Brennan McHugh ’67, Mary Patricia Brennan Piko ’68 and Kathleen Brennan Condron ’72

O’Connor, SSND, Sister Mary Nora (Margaret), longtime Latin and English teacher at A.O.L.

O’Connor, Lethorne McMahon

Kelty, Helen O’Brien

Riley, Rose Mary Connor, mother-in-law of Kathy Kehoe Riley ’68

McCormick, Marian Hastings

Paulsen, Ruth Ellen Markmann

Mannebach, Lauretta Bender, sister of Martha Bender Gannon ’26

Miller, Marcella Allely, mother of Maria Miller Delsing ’60

Maloney, Amanda Gaudette (age 105). She had two sisters—Sisters Denise and Angela—who were School Sisters of Notre Dame.

Frank Cheers, the son of Eloise Sutton Cheers ’70 wrote a gratifying letter to the Alumnae Association last summer, lauding the talents of a number of A.O.L. alumnae he has known over the years. Among them is Joan Dressel Temple ’52, mother of Celine, who was Frank’s 2nd grade teacher at St. Ethelreda School. Frank thinks Joan did a terrific job of raising Celine, who, he says, “was the first adult, other than family members, who took an interest in me personally.”

Terry McCartin ’73, Frank recalls, was the school nurse at St. Ethelreda when he was a pupil there. As a
member of her school “health club,” he learned the importance of eating healthful foods: “When I was training for the Chicago Marathon several years back, in the back of my mind I could hear Terry telling me to eat my carrots.”

Cathy Deegan Seibt ’64 and JoAnne Duschinsky Collins ’69 taught Frank at Brother Rice High School. Cathy taught Spanish, nudged Frank into working harder when necessary and later, in his first year of teaching at Rice, mentored him. In high school JoAnne was Frank’s Student Council advisor, always helpful.

Mary Gately Berg ’69 is the mother of Mary Alice Berg, a friend Frank met while a student at Marquette University. While conversing one day, Mary Alice and Frank learned that they knew a lot of the same people on Chicago’s South Side. Peggy Gately, Mary Alice’s aunt, was an A.O.L. classmate of Frank’s mother.

Frank enjoyed the wry humor expressed by Mary T. Burke ’72 and her sister Peg Burke ’75 whenever they shared time traveling downtown via Metra’s Rock Island line.

Audell Adams ’67 and Eloise Cheers, after growing up together in St. Raphael’s parish in Englewood, have
supported each other through the years. When Eloise’s mother, Emma Canada, died in 2008, Audell continued that support, as did Debra Vernon Baxter ’70.

Frank sums it up: “You Longwood Ladies have been such a rich part of my life since the beginning. I’m sure each woman I know would have turned out well had you not gone to A.O.L., but I think that attending A.O.L. helped make you an ‘extraordinary’ bunch.”

A.O.L graduates visiting Pearl Harbor in Hawaii may notice a memorial plaque near the entrance to the naval base chapel. The name on the plaque is that of the late Navy Lt. j.g. Ladina Scott. A retired Navy officer and former shipmate of Lt. Scott recently sent the Alumnae Office an article from the Hawaii Navy News from October 2005. The article reviewed Lt. Scott’s career,
which, sadly, ended when she died of cancer in 2000. (The retired officer, while seeking information about former shipmates for a reunion, had found Lt. Scott’s name on the Alumnae Association’s online “lost alumnae” list. He recalled hearing her talk about her high school days, and concluded that she was our “lost” alumna. We were unable to verify the information with a family member, but until we hear differently, the Alumnae Association will claim Lt. Scott.) In 2005 a plaque dedicated to Lt. Scott’s memory was placed in a garden near the chapel entrance at Pearl Harbor. Lt. Scott had served
overseas, and, while based in Norfolk, VA, she won a “Sailor of the Year” award—making her tops among 1,500 sailors. She had achieved the rank of chief petty officer when she was commissioned a limited duty officer. Lt. Scott was able to return to Pearl Harbor, a place she loved, after she became ill. The plaque honors her commitment “To help protect America’s Freedom.”

Laura S. Washington has been appointed president of the Woods Fund of Chicago. The Fund is a grantmaking foundation whose goal, according to its website, is ”to increase opportunities
for less advantaged people and communities in the metropolitan area.” During her career, Laura has been an award-winning print and broadcast journalist and a DePaul University professor. She is a member of the Medill School of Journalism Hall of Achievement at Northwestern University, her alma mater.

Historian Ellen Skerrett ’67, recipient of a 2009 Alumni Award of Distinction from Rockford College (1971), recently curated an exhibit for St. Ignatius College Prep that includes rare photos and documents from the Chicago SSND Heritage office about Holy Guardian Angel parish. The first Italian parish on Chicago’s West Side (f. 1898) was demolished in 1959 to make way for the Dan Ryan Expressway. Parishioners contributed generously to the construction of new quarters at Cabrini Street and Blue Island Avenue, only to learn in 1961 that Mayor Richard J. Daley had offered the site for the new campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago.

With the help of Sister Gail Johnson ’53, coordinator of the SSND Heritage Office, Ellen was able to tell the story of Sister Filibert Spirrizzi, SSND, principal of Holy Guardian Angel School from 1947 to 1963. Despite her tireless protests and those of other community activists, the city’s proposed location of the U. of I. campus prevailed.

Maureen Collins shared the good news with friends that she recently received 2009-2010 “Distinguished Adult Educator” recognition (and a sizable stipend) for her instruction in English as a Second Language at Richard J. Daley College in Chicago. Maureen has taught the classes part-time for six years. This award “means a lot to me,” Maureen said, “because the primary influence in my selection were the students themselves. They voted for me from a pool of over 100 teachers”. Maureen also works full
time as an image specialist/art buyer for McGraw-Hill Companies’ School Education Group.

Participation in A.O.L. theatrical productions as a student proved beneficial later, Gina Roche Ford says, when she became a lawyer: “The drama program provided great public speaking experience and confidence.” Sister Dominic (later Sister Dorothy Mackesey) guided
the drama department then, and she was helpful, Gina says, in obtaining college scholarship aid for the drama students. Retired now, Gina lives in Massachusetts, the other end of the continent from her sister, Barbara Roche Morgan ’63, who lives in Washington State. Their mother,
the late Geraldine Lucas Roche, was in the Class of 1938.

Dianne Marie Hervey wrote from her home near Boston to say that although she has most recently worked in the business world, she also sings and plays guitar in coffeehouses and in concerts occasionally. She said: “I prefer to sing my own compositions, which are all based on Bible Scripture and my experiences of the love of the Lord in my life.” At a memorial Mass in May 2009 for her late mother, Gwendolyn Hervey Lawson, Dianne Marie sang a song she had composed in her mother’s honor.

Sharon Blanz Cahill has been part of a group that gives manicures on Saturdays to residents of a retirement home near her south suburban home. The group usually finds about 20 people waiting for them when they arrive. The residents enjoy the social interaction as much as the nail polish.
The women choose their polish colors from a wide selection. The men’s nails are painted with clear nail polish.

Joanne O’Malley Pier was highly praised in an article in the winter issue of the Marquette University Magazine. The article recalled that some 30 years ago Joanne, a graduate of Marquette’s nursing program and by then the Milwaukee, WI, university’s first female trustee, had come over to a women’s dormitory to share her knowledge and experience with resident assistants charged with mentoring the dorm’s residents. “She came to the residence hall that night . . . to listen to a small group of young women talk about their experiences, view the world through their eyes and encourage them to reflect on where God might be leading them. No topic seemed too daunting.”

Beth Riley Lambert has retired from Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania, where she taught English, but her interest in her field continues. Last fall, she could not join her A.O.L. class at the reunion because that weekend she had committed to presenting a paper at the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies meeting.

No doubt Mary Rita Murphy Stump spent her share of time in the library during her years at A.O.L. Now a school library–at St. Xavier University on Chicago’s South Side—is named for her and her husband,
Robert. Longtime SXU benefactors, they received honorary degrees from the university at last year’s Commencement.

Betty Kuenster Daly Rahmel, now a Vermont resident, still communicates with Margaret Mary Parro ’40, who lives in a far northern Chicago suburb. Margaret had been a friend of Betty’s sister, Lois ’40, an artistically talented young woman who, tragically, died in an accident the summer after she graduated from A.O.L. Years later, after Betty had moved to Lake County, she recalls, “A woman came up to me and asked if I were a Kuenster.” The woman, Margaret Parro, had been one of Lois’ best friends at Longwood. Betty and Margaret have remained in touch ever since.

Quinn Sr., Patrick, husband of Eileen Prindiville Quinn ’35

Differding, Charles, husband of Claire Cushing Differding ’41 and brother of Gladys Differding Boyd ’50

Wolf, Paul G., husband of Alice Guldan Wolf ’47

Willis, James Lee, father of Felicia Willis Jackson ’79

Wilhelm, Dr. Emanuel C., father of Mary A.Wilhelm Soyka ’58, Rita Wilhelm Bergeron ’60 and the late Mercedes Wilhelm ’65

Wiersig, Elizabeth B., mother of Sharon Wiersig Guzaitis ’60

Whisenton, Mary, grandmother of Denise Allen Brazil ’84 and Tina Allen Watkins ’95

Werhand, Edward F., husband of Clare Forst Werhand ’33

Weber, Leonard A., husband of Mary Ann King Weber ’52, brother-in-law of Denise King Maddux ’60 and Suellen King Coleman ’72

Walsh, Thomas, son of Mary Ann Foley Walsh ’58, nephew of Alice Foley ’55, Norine Foley ’57 and Patricia Foley Devine ’63

Walsh, James A., father of Donna Walsh Finlayson ’61

Vidinich, Ann, mother of Joyce Vidinich Brennan ’66 and Trisha Vidinich ’69

Sweeney, Veronica, mother of Eileen Sweeney Ewell ’52 and the late Jeanne Sweeney ’50

Sullivan, Marian Q., mother of Sharon Sullivan Haggerty ’60

Sullivan, John T., brother of the late Patricia Sullivan ’54 and Lillian Sullivan Kennealy ’59

Stein, William C., husband of Barbara Murphy Stein ’54

Stanton, Bernice, mother of Maureen Stanton Rzasa ’69, Diane Stanton Kahr ’70 and Nancy Stanton Sheehy ’72

Spannuth, John, brother of Joyce Spannuth Penney ’55

Sherman, Jeanette M., sister of Mary Ann Sherman Matthews ’48 and the late Lillian Sherman Disabato ’38

Sheahan, Thomas J., husband of Phyllis Clancy Sheahan ’50

Schmidt, Dr. Paul J., husband of Kathleen Keating Schmidt ’56 and brother of Dawn Schmidt Hughes ’54

Schell, Sr., Edward A., husband of Maureen Murphy Schell ’51, brother of Alvena Schell McCormick ’54 and Laura Sue Schell-Patis ’69

Schevers, the Rev. Joel J., brother of Betty Schevers Hamer ’34, uncle of Barbara Hamer Pinn ’58, Carolyn Hamer Doody ’61 and Liz Hamer O’Connor ’67

Saxelby, Thomas R., husband of Theresa McGreal Saxelby ’51, brother of the late Mary Catherine Saxelby Gibson ’42

Ryan, Dolores M., sister of Ruth Moore Seymour ’55

Rooney, Dr. Edward, husband of Barbara Murphy Rooney ’51 and brother of the late Eileen Rooney Messer ’45

Reardon, Laura M., mother of Rosemary Reardon Kontos ’62

Ready, Robert E., brother of Mary Jo Ready Mack ’62 and Jane Ready Savastano ’67

Radgowski-Durrant, Josephine, mother of Mary Radgowski Lemm ’72

Quinn, Meryl E., mother of Debbie Quinn Myron ’70

Poynton, Mary Eileen, mother of Mary Anne Poynton-Floreani ’61

Petell, Frank, husband of Maureen McMahon ’52

Penney, Michael V., son of Joyne Spannuth Penney ’55

O’Toole, Luke T., husband of Jean Mowen O’Toole ’55

O’Donnell, Thomas P., husband of Patricia Corrigan O’Donnell ’51, brother of Shirley O’Donnell Trost ’42

O’Donnell, Mary A., mother of the late Bonnie O’Donnell Horan ’65 and sister of Joanne McCarthy Mathieu ’56

O’Connor, Lawrence C., husband of Geraldine Holmgren O’Connor ’50

O’Connor Sr., Thomas W., brother of Maureen O’Connor Gibbons ’58 and nephew of the late Sister Nora O’Connor ’34

Nicolai, Florence H., sister of Barbara Bonetti Choronzuk ’56

Murphy, William B., brother of Drew Murphy Mans ’54 and Lynne Murphy Debrecht ’55

Mulligan, William G., brother of Mary Kay Mulligan Huguelet ’55

Moster, Margaret Mary, stepmother of Joan Moster Krol ’68, Maureen Moster Cason ’69 and the late Nancy Moster ’65

Molnar, Robert J., husband of Jean Malooly Molnar ’46, brother-in-law of Marilynn Ryan Malooly ’53

Moesle, Catherine “Kay,” mother of Chris Moesle Walsh ’67 and Kathleen Moesle Weaver ’65

Miller, Raymond, brother of Joanne Miller Coleman ’56 and Mary Catherine Miller Behan ’69

Meehan, Clifford G., brother of Sandra Meehan Donavon ’61 and Donna Meehan Hanson ’63

McNamara, James J., husband of Lynn Niehoff McNamara ’66, brother of Kathleen McNamara Geraghty ’50 and the late Patricia McNamara ’47

McEnery, Legoria, mother of Legoria McEnery Hynes ’61 and Maureen McEnery Dillon ’70, and sister of the late Marcella Flannery McGuire ’35

McDermott Sr., George W., uncle of Carol McDermott ’71 and Ann McDermott Newman ’73

McCurrie, Thomas, husband of Carmella Forlenza McCurrie ’56

McConnell, Annamarie “Billie,” mother of Nancy McConnell Sullivan ’59 and aunt of Kathy Starshak Smigleski ’69 and Marguerite Starshak Cacciatore ’71

McCann, Mary Frances, mother of Sharon McCann Hughes ’62, Joanne McCann and Suzanne McCann Eberhardt ’64

Malloy, Barbara, sister of Therese McGreal Saxelby ’51

Lunn, M. Darlene, sister of Peggy Eul DeWilkins ’63

Lowry, Camille, grandmother of Kim Lowry Pilcher ’77

Lenz, Edward, father of Susan Lenz Murray ’69

Lemberg, Harry G., brother of Sister Gilmary Lemberg ’45 and the late Jean Lemberg Dunworth ’40; husband of the late Janet Hutchinson Lemberg ’44

Lazzara, Angelo C., brother of Joan Lazzara Ennessy ’69

Lawson, Gwendolyn Hervey, mother of Dianne Marie Hervey ’64

Lawler, Edmund G., husband of Jean Oliver Lawler ’47, brother of Frances Lawler Meyer ’52 and brother-in-law of Susan George Lawler ’57

Laverty, Dr. Hubert, husband of Mary Anne Callahan Laverty ’61

Koelikamp, Betty, mother of Colleen Koelikamp Lukasik ’74

Kinsella Sr, George E., husband of Patricia Hagstrom Kinsella ’50, brother of Mary Jane Kinsella Gannon ’49 and uncle of Eileen Kinsella Noland ’72

Kilroe, Bobette, mother of Bonnie Kilroe Goliak ’67 and Bobette Kilroe May ’69

Kelly, Mary C., mother of Mary Ann Kelly Clifford ’61, Margaret Kelly Gleason ’65 and Rita Kelly Hodorowich ’68

Kelly, Edward M., father of Kathleen Kelly Rinehart ’68 and Joan Kelly Barlow ’73

Keefe, Brian J., husband of Anne Glassmeyer Keefe ’62

Jordan, Dorothy A., mother of Nancy Jordan Knapp ’68 and Mary Beth Jordan MacKinnon ’70

Humason Sr., Robert D., husband of Rosemary Bender Humason ’51

Hoffman, Thomas L., husband of Colletta Lilly Hoffman ’50

Hoffman, Clarence E., 104, father of Beatrice Hoffman Lyons ’48

Hickey, Mary Patricia, mother of Margaret Hickey Iverson ’72

Hendricks, Nicole, niece of Patricia Blake ’66

Henderson, Marie T., mother of Barbara Henderson Wheaton ’66, Susan Henderson Lamont ’68 and Marion Henderson ’72

Harris, Genotra, grandmother of Sharon Brown Lawson ’67 and Elaine Brown ’78

Halliday, Muriel R., mother of Marilyn Halliday ’67

Griffin, John P., husband of Barbara Huguelet Griffin ’48

Golz, Mary M., mother of Sharon Golz Lee ’58

Gleason, William, father of Jeanine Gleason Ranzen ’70

Gallagher, Marie O’Connell, mother of Jean Gallagher DeMarco ’63, Joan Gallagher Brandt ’64, Susan Gallagher Schwass ’66, Adrienne Gallagher Zervos ’68, Patricia Gallagher Kraft ’71 and Sheila Gallagher Davies ’71, and daughter of the late Jean Talbot Connell ’16

Gabel, Helen M., mother of Mary Gabel Gooding ’71 and Patricia Gabel (Phil McHenry) ’72

Furtak, Betty, mother of Lynne Furtak Bandyk ’66

Furman, Jerome M., husband of Veronica Coco Furman ’64, brother of the late Carolyn Furman Morris ’55 and brother-in-law of Diane Coco Hill ’59

Flyke, Milton, husband of Jeanne Garvey Flyke ’42

Feldman-Wang, Guinivere, granddaughter of Ginny McFarland Feldman ’64

Farrell, Charles, husband of Elise Mower Farrell ’67

Dunworth, Richard, husband of the late Jean Lemberg Dunworth ’40, father of Gilmary Dunworth Habenicht ’67 and brother-in-law of Sister Gilmary Lemberg, SSND ’45

Donovan, Timothy, husband of Nancy Holmquist Donovan ’61

Dignan, John J., father of Mary Dignan Stuchly ’68

Des Chatelets, Bernard, brother of Rita Des Chatelets Deck ’50

Daly, John, father of Pamela Daly Neary ’63

Daly, John, brother of Eileen Daly McGlynn ’71

Creevy, Mary Frances, daughter of the late Mary Frances “Francie” Lucas Creevy ’43

Coe, Helen M., mother of Ann Coe Pugliese ’54 and Patricia Coe O’Rourke ’59

Cody, Frank C., father of Carlene “Carlie” Cody Brittain ’66

Chester, James T., husband of Joan Burgess Chester ’50

Canna, Theresa, mother of Mary Canna Meadows ’67

Calcott, Jerry, husband of Jane Mohler Calcott ’70

Caddigan, Donald W., husband of Mary O’Brien Caddigan ’51

Clifford, Thomas, father of Kathleen Clifford Navarro ’72 and Maureen Clifford Ferriter ’75

Carls, Aileen T., sister of Evelyn Zimmerman McIlvaine ’55 and the late Marion Zimmerman Moore Swanson ’55

Byrnes, Mark J., son of Noanette Ehret Byrnes McCormack ’45; nephew of Jane Ehret Goldthwaite ’49 and Joan Ehret Stephenson ’49

Breier, Richard W., husband of Karen Kletzke Breier ’64

Brendel, Margaret, mother of Bonnie Brendel ’58

Boles, Dr. John Egan, father of Suzanne Boles Wilson ’63

Bozzi, Lena A., mother of Sharon Lee Bozzi Augle ’61

Bielak, Alvin J., husband of Anita Reynolds Bielak ’52, “beloved Dad” of Nancy McWalters Clancy ’72 and Mary Pat McWalters ’73

Bates, Leslie C., husband of Vita Zangri Bates ’57

Baldwin, Edward J., husband of Claire Jenner Baldwin ’44

Athy, Patrick Joseph, father of Pauline Athy Burke ’71

Daniels, John, husband of Liz Baltrunas Daniels ’75,brother-in-law of Stephanie Baltrunas Gibson ’72

Sister Helen Joseph Leffner, SSND, 84, died early Monday, May 10, at Resurrection Life Center in Chicago. She had suffered a stroke several months ago. In the years from 1966 to 1989, Sister Helen Joseph served the Academy of Our Lady as Spanish teacher, counselor, dean of students, director of development and principal. In “retirement,” she volunteered at Corazon a Corazon, an SSND ministry aiding Hispanic people in Chicago.

Sister Helen Joseph’s visitation will be on Friday, May 14, 2010, from 1:00-2:00 p.m. at Resurrection Life Center, 7370 W. Talcott Ave., Chicago, IL, and from 3:00-6:30 p.m. at Divine Savior Church, 7740 West Montrose Ave., Norridge, IL. A wake service at 6:30 p.m. will include a reflection on Sister Helen Joseph’s life. A Mass of Christian Burial will begin at 7 p.m. A burial service at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery will begin at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, May 15.

Gifts honoring Sister Helen Joseph’s memory may be made to Corazon a Corazon, 8235 S. South Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60617

Lillyan Collier Holland was disappointed that she couldn’t attend her class reunion last year, but she sent greetings to her classmates with information about her life since graduating from A.O.L. After studying nursing and business at Olive Harvey College while working for Cover Girl Inc. in Chicago, Lillyan relocated to California. There she worked as an assistant manager for May Co. And following three years of classes in real estate, she began a selling career in that field. Lillyan and her husband, Mike, are parents of a son and two daughters, all following in their mother’s footsteps by successfully combining paying jobs with college study toward their future career goals. Lillyan and Mike, married for more than 25 years, are directors of the Marriage Ministry in their church, working to strengthen couples’ marriages through conferences, workshops and counseling sessions.

Mary T. Burke volunteers for American Brittany Rescue, an organization that rescues, fosters and adopts Brittany spaniels. Mary T. also assists West Hancock Canine Rescue, which transports dogs from kill shelters in Central and Southern Illinois to new homes and no-kill shelters in the Chicago area.

Maripat Donovan received an honorary Bachelor of Fine and Performing Arts degree from Loyola University, “in recognition of her outstanding achievements in theatrical writing and performance, and her philanthropic efforts on behalf of retired religious sisters.”

In addition to her job as a business development manager at Beverly Bank in Chicago, Margie Leslie O’Connell is director of the Platinum Adventures Club, the bank’s travel and activities club for qualifying over-50 customers. For club members, the bank sponsors day trips to museums, theaters and other local attractions, as well as extended trips and seminars on timely topics.

A 30-year veteran of the advertising industry, Kathleen (Kay) Humphries currently works as a consultant to Chicago area firms E. Morris Communications and Namaste hair care products. For Namaste, Kay prepares print, radio and TV ads. Past projects in which she takes particular pride include two TV documentaries on which she served as executive producer and writer a few years ago. One of the films—“Buffalo Soldiers: Invisible Men of Honor”—related the history of the 10th Cavalry Regiment, established after the Civil War as the first peacetime all-black regiment in the regular U.S. Army. The “Buffalo Soldiers,” nicknamed such for their fierce fighting ability by Native Americans they fought in the Indian Wars. eventually included several other regiments. Among men interviewed for the film was Kay’s father, Rick Humphries, who served during World War II in Italy in the 92nd Infantry, one of those descendant regiments. The second film, “The Will to Survive: The Story of the Gullah/Geechee Nation,” told the story of slaves brought from West Africa in the 1800s to the remote Sea Islands off the Carolinas and Georgia. After the Civil War, some of those by-then freed slaves were able to purchase land on the island of Sapelo off Georgia. Others settled in Florida. These groups continued their West African traditions for many years, fighting for their land rights as developers threatened encroachment. The films were part of a Black History Month project sponsored by Wal-Mart. After they aired on local and cable TV stations, “Buffalo Soldiers” won an advertising industry award.

In a note to Irene BurkeMary Dillon Holzaepfel reminisced about A.O.L.’s extensive and varied library treasures. In the library, Mary recalled, “I learned about the magic of card catalogues and how to research and seek relevant information. . . . The chapel in the Administration Building was a place to encounter God. Did the chapel always seem packed during exam week?”

Joan Bernhardt Radtke, treasurer of the A.O.L. Alumnae Board, was inducted last fall as a member of Alpha Mu Tau fraternity, a clinical laboratory science honor society. Joan is an assistant professor at Rush University in Chicago. Alpha Mu Tau’s primary purpose is to honor clinical laboratory scientists who have made outstanding contributions to clinical laboratory science and to assist clinical laboratory scientists’ educational endeavors with scholarships. Joan has held several leadership positions in her regional, state and local professional societies and served on numerous committees. She has been nominated twice as Member of the Year of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science.

Mimi Ruff Wolak wrote to say that she and her brother own several paintings byLiliane Flaherty Kirby ’26, who was featured in the last issue of The Longwood Update. The paintings were purchased by Mimi’s mother, the late Bernice Meany Ruff ’30. (Bernice, a longtime A.O.L. Alumnae Board member, served as Alumnae president in the mid-1950s.) Sadly, as the memorial column relates, Liliane died in February at her home in California.

When Karen Lux Michel called the Alumnae Office with a question awhile ago, she recalled a time when water lilies on the lagoon were placed in the form of the letters “A-O-L.”

In her theology classes at Mother McAuley High School, Sheila Murray Rave has introduced her students to the five words for “love” in the Greek language. With that as inspiration, she wrote the following verses in honor of her class’ 50th anniversary reunion last fall:

Friends of youth and sunny days

When life was filled with shining rays,

Still come to mind when we recall

How fast we ran or caught a ball,

Or jumped or learned or socialized;

Not knowing we already had the prize

Of youth and hope and energy,

Calling us to become all that we could be.

Now we gather from time to time

To remember when life was at its prime,

But even beyond and above,

We gather to acknowledge

That friendship really is

Another word for love!

Peggy Cronin Peterson wrote last fall from her home in California with news that in 2006 her son, Dennis, had been ordained a priest in the Diocese of Monterey and was working in a parish not far from where Peggy lives. Father Peterson had been a member of the Christian Brothers for 27 years, leaving that ministry in 2004 to study for the priesthood. Peggy has lived in her present location for 40 years, having moved there with her husband, the late Arthur Peterson, after he retired from the Air Force.

Sister Jean Lenz, O.S.F., retired recently as special assistant to the vice-president for student affairs at the University of Notre Dame. Sister Jean recalled, “When I first came to campus, I had planned to assist Notre Dame’s first women [students] for a year or two. I’m surprised, delighted and grateful that those years turned into 36 years of wonderful ministry.” Sister Jean, who earned a master’s degree in theology from Notre Dame in 1967, was among the first women’s residence hall rectors on campus when the school became co-ed in the early 1970s. As time went on, she held other jobs as well. In her 2002 memoir, “Loyal Sons and Daughters,” Sister Jean reflected on the range of experiences—from dealing with campus pranksters to helping students cope with life-and-death situations–that were all part of her long career at Notre Dame. In 2007 Sister Jean’s name was added to the Wall of Honor in the university’s main building. She continues to live on the South Bend, Ind., campus, providing spiritual direction for students and alumni.

Betty Kuenster Rahmel sent a note last summer letting the Alumnae Office know that she takes old songs and music to the Senior Center in the Vermont town where she lives now. Her two sons also live there, so she is close to family.

Margaret Whalen DuBois left a bequest to the School Sisters of Notre Dame, the Sisters learned sometime after Margaret died in 2006. No doubt she isn’t the first A.O.L. alumna to remember her alma mater in her will. It’s always a generous idea.

A welcome guest at Reunion 2008 last October was former SSND Kathy Giunta, who taught biology at A.O.L. from 1969 to 1977, and then served as assistant principal until 1980. Sister Lenore Rohr was principal during Kathy’s tenure as assistant principal. Kathy later taught at St. Ignatius High School for 27 years—math, biology (including advanced placement classes) and integrated science. The now retired teacher is a graduate of another Academy of Our Lady—in Peoria, Ill.

White, Rev. William J., brother of Betty White Mahoney ’47

Thomas, Mary, mother of Ferris Thomas Walters ’75Charlene Thomas Parker ’77 and Mary Thomas ’88

Stevens, Donald E., father of Jane Stevens ’68 and Marilyn Stevens DeAlba ’69

Schaller, Michael, son of Denise Waterstraat Schaller ’72, grandson of Joan Nyhan Waterstraat ’43

Pukelis, Lawrence S., husband of Debbie Walsh Pukelis ’71

Pauritsch, John, father of Diane Pauritsch Ryan ’61

Pate, Mattie, grandmother of Cecelia Horde ’77 and Christina Horde ’79

O’Neil, Sheila Gallagher, sister of Kathy Gallagher Sedlack ’55

Mulligan, Mary Joyce, 101, mother of Margaret Mulligan Smith ’50 and the late Joyce Mulligan Thompson ’48

McInerney, Christine, daughter of Lois Enright McInerney ’50, niece of Mary Alice Enright Brown ’46 and Kay Enright Keller ’54

McDonough, Patrick, husband of Nancy Oliver McDonough ’52 and brother of the late Celeste McDonough Nellis ’48

Lawson, Stanley Michael, son of Sharon Brown Lawson ’67 and nephew of Elaine Brown ’78

Kehoe, Elizabeth Jane, mother of Kathleen Kehoe Riley ’68

Keefe, William E., husband of Carol Danne Keefe ’46 and stepfather of Cary Trilla Walker ’70

Jarmul, John, husband of Marie Franzen Jarmul ’41

Hartigan, John, husband of Mary Kathryn Carroll Hartigan ’53, brother-in-law of Margaret Carroll Flynn ’60

Hardison, Lethia, grandaunt, and Helen Hobbs, grandmother of Dawn Jackson Hicks Chubb ’78

Hagstrom, Dr. William J., brother of Patricia Hagstrom Kinsella ’50

Guminski, Agnes, mother of Janet Guminski Mullaney ’54

Frale, Margaret, mother of Adrienne Frale Phelps ’57 and the late Carol Frale Busa ’51

Dunn, Leonard P., brother of Mary Patricia Dunn ’38 and uncle of Bernadette Dunn ’75

Driscoll, James P., brother of Dolores Driscoll Gustafson ’54

Doherty, J. Patrick, husband of Eileen Fleming Doherty ’55, brother-in-law of Mary Fleming Dempsey ’53

Cliff, James D. Sr., brother of Joan Cliff Hession ’54 and Susan Cliff Ryan ’57

Carr, Grover “Gene,” husband of Rita Burke Carr ’48

Brown, Connie and Major Jr., Edgar, aunt and uncle of Sharon Brown Lawson ’67 and Elaine Brown ’78.

Beattie Jr., Edward T., father of Marybeth Beattie Terrell ’66, Maureen Beattie Kelly ’67, Patrice Beattie Grant ’68 and Meg Beattie Mutter ’70

Andrasco, Harry, husband of Loretta Madden Andrasco ’47

Martin, Michelle L., best friend of 41 years of Jolynette Spearman ’78

Goines, Mary Hardison

Dore, Kathleen O’Connell, who played the role of Helen Keller in “The Miracle Worker” at A.O.L. Lifelong friend of Pat Reuther Ambriz ’69

Lammert, Jeanne E.

Gallagher, Priscilla E. Pall

Kaapke, Kathryn Delso, sister of Mary Delso McCarthy ’69

Strama, Carol Curran

Hynes, Marlaine Marzano, sister of Carole Marzano Bersinger ’54

Kaspar, Shirley Morris, sister of Marilyn Morris Lipuma ’53

Moore-Swanson, Marion Zimmerman, daughter of the late Aileen Kerrigan Zimmerman Moran ’25 and sister of Evelyn Zimmerman McIlvain ’55

Spehar, Joan Smuczynski

Walsh, Mary S. Steinemann

Noble, Marilyn Gilmore

O’Connell, Mary Connelly

Kilbane, Mary Patricia Burke, sister of Rita Burke Carr ’48

Woosley, Mary Katherine Welch

Singraber, Marie Therese (Terry), a former A.O.L. Alumnae Board member, sister of the late Mary Kay Mitchell Blake ’52

Cushing, Jane Lacy

Cardott, Marie Scheuer

Sullivan, Marion Gleason

Nottingham, Margaret (Peggy) Ryan

Nellis, Celeste McDonough

Wirth, Patricia Walsh

Rotta, Irene McGarr, sister of the late Rita McGarr Ahern ’32, Ellen McGarr Underwood ’36 and aunt of Rita Ahern DaLuga ’67

Woods, Marion Hagedorn

Lisso, Yvonne Jackson

Hults, Catherine Joyce

Gagel, Patricia Byrne

Entringer, Rosemary

Duchossois, Kathleen Beall, sister of Gina Beall Fee ’40 and the late Julie Beall Cassidy ’44

Kintz, Dorothy Gibbons, sister of Lorraine Gibbons McCormick, ’45

Kelly, Dorothy O’Brien (Also a 1937 graduate of the A.O.L. grade school)

Shields, Dorothy Kelly

Harvey, Marie E.

Sullivan, Mary Louise Ryan

Solari, Elaine McDonnell

Rizzuto, Jual O’Hanley

O’Connor, Vivian O’Brien

Lyons, Shirley Hackett, sister of Muriel Hackett O’Connor ’40 and the late Phyllis Hackett Helm ’33

Voris, Ann Drumm, mother of Margaret Voris Parise ’67

McLean, Rita

Ryan, Mary Jane

Hamill, Mary Muellman, sister of Eileen Muellman Bryan ’37 and Joan Muellman Nicholson ’48

Wunder, Dorothy Hartman

Walters, Madeline T. Maier

Hansen, Jane Greene, mother of Loretta Hansen Finlayson ’55 and Mary Beth Hansen Given ’57

A loyal Longwood Lady: Joan Matthews Cook ’38

Joan Matthews Cook ’38, a past A.O.L. Alumnae Association president, died of cancer June 26 at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, IL. A longtime loyal A.O.L. alumna, Joan served as Alumnae president in1968 and 1969. She also served as the Alumnae Board’s publicity chairman for a number of years, and she assisted with the Longwood reunion whenever her class celebrated a five-year anniversary. Whenever she was asked to help on an Alumnae project, she said, “Anything for good old Longwood.”

At Joan’s wake a tray of Fannie May candies offered her favorite chocolates to all who attended. The program for her funeral Mass at Most Holy Redeemer Church included a reflection by her granddaughter, Katie Oliva, whose memories of Joan included “peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on hot dog buns,” “playing ‘I see something that begins with . . .’ ” and “giving me some of the best times of my life.”

After living in Beverly and being active in Christ the King parish for many years, Joan moved to Evergreen Park. She remained active in the TWL Club, which provides activities for “those with leisure.” A retired Chicago public elementary school teacher, Joan also worked in real estate.

Four of Joan’s daughters attended A.O.L.: Kathleen Cook Starnicky ’67, Joan Cook Malone ’69, Marian Cook and Carol Cook Tobin ’73. Joan also is survived by another daughter, Janet Cook Fashingbauer, 10 grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren, a brother, John Matthews, and sister-in-law, Mary Ann Sherman Matthews (A.O.L ’48). Joan’s husband, Tom, died in 2003.

Alumnae Association members will keep Joan and her family in their prayers.

Liliane Flaherty Kirby, mother of Judy Kirby McDermott ’57. Liliane had celebrated her 100th birthday last October 27.

Anslow, Louise Rossi, the former Sister Mario, SSND

Aldrich, Celeste McGlynn