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5344 listings

Year Name Maiden Name
1925 Rosalie Hall Biedermann, Rosalie
1925 Rosemary Johnston Byrne, Rosemary
1925 Veronica McNicholas McNicholas, Veronica F.
1926 Alice Hayes Moroney, Alice
1926 Bernadette Regan Mooney, Bernadette
1926 Bernice McArdle McArdle, Bernice
1926 Betty Paul VanDeering, Betty
1926 Dorothy Mill Gould, Dorothy
1926 Edythe Rericha McGarry, Edythe
1925 Rita Moroney Moroney, Rita
1925 Monica Hickey Darrah, Monica
1925 Margaret Durkin Durkin, Margaret C.
1925 Margaret Williamson Groskopf, Margaret M.
1925 Marion Jones Scanlon, Marion E.
1925 Mary Cummings Maloney, Mary
1925 Mary Loretta Gaughan, Catherine
1925 Mary Moffitt Laughlin, Mary
1925 Mary Murphy Murphy, Mary B.
1925 Mary Sexton Sutherland, Mary Elizabeth
1925 Mildred Ryan Crawley, Mildred
1926 Janet Runge Runge, Janet
1926 Jean Barry Reid, Jean
1926 Kathleen McGuire McGuire, Kathleen
1926 Louise Johnson Schramm, Louise
1926 Lucille Lane Lane, Lucille
1926 Marcella Grant Hagedorn, Marcella
1926 Margaret Chenoweth Willoughby, Margaret
1926 Margaret Schmaedeke Bloom, Margaret
1926 Marguerite VonBampus Morton, Marguerite
1926 Janet Harvie Harvie, Janet
1926 Helen Wolfsmith Gleason, Helen
1926 Ellen Boyle McNally, Ellen
1926 Florence Paul Dohney, Florence
1926 Frances Stover Gazda, Frances
1926 Gertrude Taylor McMahon, Gertrude
1926 Grace Moloney O'Connor, Grace M.
1926 Helen Horrigan Horrigan, Helen
1926 Helen Johnson Makowski, Helen
1926 Helen Lownik Novak, Helen
1926 Helen Rommes Fitzsimmons, Helen
1926 Nellie David O'Connor, Nellie
1926 Neils Schouten Wessendorf, Marian
1926 Mildred Retherford McGovern, Mildred
1926 Mary Scanlon Kennedy, Mary
1926 Mary Galvin McGraw, Mary M.
1926 Martha Gannon Bender, Martha
1926 Marion McHale Bombenger, Marion
1926 Marie Soboda Soboda, Marie
1926 Marie Mann Folwill, Marie
1926 Rosemary Landry Kane, Rosemary