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5344 listings

Year Name Maiden Name
1922 Margaret Bradley West, Margaret
1922 Margaret Harvey Harvey, Margaret
1922 Margaret McLain Marschall, Margaret
1922 Margaret McNamara McNamara, Margaret
1922 Margaret Perkins Steed, Margaret R.
1922 Margaret Thompson Fitzpatrick, Margaret Jane
1922 Marguerite Moston McCullough, Marguerite
1922 Marie Vevurka Valcicak, Marie
1922 Mary Crane McMahon, Mary
1922 Madeline Cain Cain, Madeline
1922 Mabel Yeo Snyder, Mabel
1922 Florence Moran Moran, Florence
1922 Gertrude Graeber Mies, Gertrude
1922 Gertrude Martens Maroney, Gertrude
1922 Grace Conlon Conlon, Grace
1922 Harriet Hill Groskopf, Harriet
1922 Helen Murphy Murphy, Helen
1922 Katherine Fenelon Fenelon, Katherine
1922 Katherine Gillespie Gillespie, Katherine
1922 Ladona Hagerty Hagerty, Ladona
1923 Alberta Finan Finan, Alberta
1923 Algenia Smith Harpst, Algenia Marie
1923 Ann Murray Steigerwald, Ann
1923 Catherine Ahern O'Donnell, Catherine
1923 Catherine Doyle Doyle, Catherine M.
1923 Catherine McCormick Gray, Catherine
1923 Catherine Murphy Murphy, Catherine
1923 Dorothy Gegan Barry, Dorothy
1923 Dorothy Hynds Kerrigan, Dorothy
1923 Agnes Shields Shields, Agnes M.
1922 Viola Morgenroth Morgenroth, Viola
1922 Mary Durkin Durkin, Mary Ellen
1922 Mary Gehr Snyder, Mary
1922 Mary Karr Grinion, Mary
1922 Mary Maloney Maloney, Mary V.
1922 Mary McCabe McCabe, Mary E.
1922 Mary Walsh Walsh, Mary E.
1922 Rose Wilcox Joyce, Rose
1922 Ruth Shafer Shafer, Ruth
1922 Sylvia Rosaves Groskopf, Sylvia F.
1923 Helen Carrol Carrol, Helen
1923 Frances Arrigo Welliver, Frances
1923 Florence Moore Moore, Florence
1923 Evelyn Stokely Miller, Evelyn
1923 Eva Murphy Van Etten, Eva
1923 Estelle O’Connell O'Connell, Estelle
1923 Ellen O’Grady O'Grady, Ellen
1923 Elizabeth Ryan Ryan, Elizabeth M.
1923 Dorothy Suddarth Kain, Dorothy
1923 Irma LaVelle Dagenais, Irma