Toni Foulkes was re-elected alderman of Chicago’s 15th Ward. She serves on several City Council committees.

Posted: July 1, 2011

A.O.L graduates visiting Pearl Harbor in Hawaii may notice a memorial plaque near the entrance to the naval base chapel. The name on the plaque is that of the late Navy Lt. j.g. Ladina Scott. A retired Navy officer and former shipmate of Lt. Scott recently sent the Alumnae Office an article from the Hawaii Navy News from October 2005. The article reviewed Lt. Scott’s career,
which, sadly, ended when she died of cancer in 2000. (The retired officer, while seeking information about former shipmates for a reunion, had found Lt. Scott’s name on the Alumnae Association’s online “lost alumnae” list. He recalled hearing her talk about her high school days, and concluded that she was our “lost” alumna. We were unable to verify the information with a family member, but until we hear differently, the Alumnae Association will claim Lt. Scott.) In 2005 a plaque dedicated to Lt. Scott’s memory was placed in a garden near the chapel entrance at Pearl Harbor. Lt. Scott had served
overseas, and, while based in Norfolk, VA, she won a “Sailor of the Year” award—making her tops among 1,500 sailors. She had achieved the rank of chief petty officer when she was commissioned a limited duty officer. Lt. Scott was able to return to Pearl Harbor, a place she loved, after she became ill. The plaque honors her commitment “To help protect America’s Freedom.”

Posted: July 6, 2010